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Professional writer
If you need a professional writer then contact me at richard.nata@yahoo.co.id

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2. How to Create A Great Article for SEO in Three Hours.
3. The Best Way To Stop Watching Porn Today. 
4. How to Skyrocket 7-8 Figure Income Annually from Blogging. 
5. How to Start a Business With China.
6. Why Do Trump and Some Other US Presidents Endorse a New World Order?
I am a professional freelance writer with twenty-one years experience in the industry working in print
and online media, looking for exciting new writing projects.

Executive Profile
I am an entrepreneur, consultant to Go Public (IPO) in Indonesia Stock Exchange, author,
novelist, blogger and ghost writer. My articles, including short stories, have been published in
magazines and newspapers since 1994. I have written a lot of books, both fiction, and nonfiction.

So I was a professional in the field of writing, both fiction, and non-fiction.

Work Experience
Ghost Writer – 2015 Until Now
Blogger – 2012 Until Now
Consultant Go Public (IPO) – 2009 Until Now
Traders on the Indonesia Stock Exchange – 1998 Until Now
In 1997, Richard Nata wrote a book entitled "Buku Pintar Mencari Kerja". This book is reprinted as
much as 8 times. Through the book, the authors successfully helped tens of thousands of people get
jobs at once successful in their careers. They were also successful when moving to work in other
Author – 1995 Until Now
Writer – 1994 Until Now
General Manager, TSP International Co. – Textile Stores – Resign 1994
Finance Manager, PT. Infopen – Export and Import – Resign 1992
Finance Supervisor, PT. Danamon Asuransi – Insurance – Resign 1990
Accounting Staff, PT. Indo Mobil Utama – Car Factory – Resign 1988

Skill Highlights
Essay Writing
Articles Writing/Rewriting
Copy Writing
Creative Writing
Ghost Writing
Magazines and Newspapers-writing
Novel Writing
Websites/Blogs/Contents Writing
Short Stories
Business Plan
Social Media

Examples of my articles by topics:
24. Amazing. http://lifeonearthasinheaven.blogspot.co.id/p/amazing.html
25. The World. http://lifeonearthasinheaven.blogspot.co.id/p/the-w.html
26. Film. http://lifeonearthasinheaven.blogspot.co.id/p/film.html
27. Foods. http://lifeonearthasinheaven.blogspot.com/p/food.html
28. The Party. http://lifeonearthasinheaven.blogspot.co.id/p/the-party.html
29. Social Media. http://lifeonearthasinheaven.blogspot.co.id/p/social-media.html
30. Diets. http://lifeonearthasinheaven.blogspot.co.id/p/diet.html
31. Family. http://lifeonearthasinheaven.blogspot.co.id/p/family.html
32. Science. http://lifeonearthasinheaven.blogspot.co.id/p/science.html
33. All articles. http://lifeonearthasinheaven.blogspot.co.id/p/all-articles.html
34. Music. http://lifeonearthasinheaven.blogspot.co.id/p/music.html
35. Tricks. http://lifeonearthasinheaven.blogspot.co.id/p/tricks.html
Our expertise and services can solve your problem

How it works
1. You need a professional writer for fiction or non-fiction.
2. Prepare your budget.
3. Contact Richard Nata.
4. Give details of the tasks and budget. Tell me more details so that I can solve your
5. Discussions on the length of processing time and cost assignment.
6. Richard Nata accepts or rejects the job.
7. If the work is accepted then you pay 50 % of the quoted amount up front to start your
8. Immediately transfer the money to:
Richard Nata
Bank Central Asia Tbk, Indonesia.
9. Richard Nata started working and doing research that produced high-quality
book/eBook, articles, business plan, slogans, etc.
10. Complete the task to make the articles, book/eBook, business plan, slogans, etc.
11. After the work is completed will be sent via email.
12. If there are errors in the work then do not hesitate to contact Richard Nata back.
13. Errors will be corrected.
14. If you are satisfied with the work of Richard Nata then give your testimony to the
15. You pay off the rest of the agreed payment.
16. I give you 30 days money back guarantee if you do not like the results of my
writing without any questions.
17. Give Richard Nata repeat orders so that we can cooperate with each other in a long

Wordpress, Blogging, Writing, Typing

I help a lot of people who have difficulty in writing and I get a great income.

My rates per article:
1. The number of words between 500-1000 words, pay $50, will be completed in 3 working days. 
If requested completed within 1 business day, pay $100.
2. The number of words between 1001-2000 words, pay $125, will be completed within 5 working days. 
If requested completed within 3 working days, pay $200.
3. The number of words between 2001-3000 words, pay $300, will be completed within 7 working days. 
If requested completed within 5 working days, pay $500.
4. More than 3000 words, according to the agreement.

The best job I can do, the more traffic you get, the more traffic you get, the more money you make.

My rates per book: According to the agreement.

My advice, give me a chance and you will be satisfied with the results of my writing.

30 Days money back guarantee
I'm not the biggest or the famous writer, but I will give the best results for you. I give you 30 days
money back guarantee if you do not like the results of my writing without any questions.

If you feel expensive then do not hesitate to negotiate my price.

Thank you.

Richard Nata
P.S. Richard Nata can make various kinds of writing both fiction and non-fiction. Because Richard Nata very professional in the field of writing.

If you love your children, make his/her fantasy in a book. Create your children love you more deeply. 

Make your children proud of himself/herself. We turn your little ones into heroes/princess, 

by adding their name, age, photo, hometown and three/four/five friends' names to the story.

Like this? If you like, please disseminate and distribute it to your network.

Thank you.

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