Upgrade your articles here

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Upgrade your articles here:
I will upgrade your articles:
1. Amend the titles of the articles.
2. Improving the content of the articles.
a. Inserts the links from top websites to your articles.b. Inserts the links from YouTube to your articles.
c. Inserts the links from another article on your website/blog. 
3. Give a conclusion if it does not exist or provide a better conclusion.

Upgrade your articles here for $ 5 per article (500 words).
My rates $ 1 per 100 words.

My rates are calculated based on how many numbers of words in your article.

Some examples:
- Your article consists of 599 words, then you will be charged $ 5.
- Your article consists of 901 words, then you will be charged $ 9.
- Your article consists of 1,500 words or more, then you will be charged $ 15.


How it works:
1. Send the articles you want to improve in format word, open office or PDF.
2. Send title + URLs of all the articles on your website / blog. 
3. Send your articles to richard.nata@yahoo.co.id
4. Transfer the money to:
Richard Nata
Bank Central Asia Tbk, Indonesia.
5. Richard Nata started working
6. I'll complete the task to fix and upgrade your articles.
7. After the work is completed will be sent via email.
8. If there are errors in the work then do not hesitate to contact Richard Nata back.
9. Errors will be corrected.

10. If you are satisfied with the work of Richard Nata then give your testimony to the world.

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