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How To Nurture A Baby

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How To Nurture A Baby

Being a first-time Mom is the dream of most women in the world. 
How happy woman when she became a first-time mother. 

In addition to happiness, it turns all women also feel fear when she became a first-time mother.

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                                             Ninja Baby

Many questions from a first-time mother

The question now is what are they afraid of? They worry about the safety of their baby. 

They are worried and wondered, "Would be like what their baby, when he/she is grown up?"
They worry and wonder, "Is the baby they had enough to eat and drink?" 

How to take care and raise your baby
To cope with all the questions and fears that exist in the mind of a first-Time mother, so it's good they do some things below.
1. Breastfeeding her baby. All infants were breastfed by his mother will be more resilient to a wide variety of diseases, both diseases due to weather changes, as well as diseases caused by viruses and / or bacteria.
2. Follow the instructions of doctors and parents about how to nurture a baby. 
3. Many read books and/or articles on how to nurture a baby.
4. Many watch videos on YouTube on how to nurture a baby.
5. Always ready to bring their babies to the doctor when he/she was sick.
6. Always provide a warm and clean clothes that the baby always feel happy and comfortable.
7. You must know basic baby care. How to change adiaper. How to bathe your baby. How best while holding your baby so you do not feel tired.
8. You must know how to calm a crying baby. You must know when your baby feel pain, hungry, scared or feel uncomfortable because of the wet diaper?
9. You must learn to read your baby's emotions.
10. You must teach your baby to share and care.
11. You must teach your baby's healthy habits.
12. You must have fun with your baby.
13. You must often, talking to your baby like he/she is your best friend.
14. You must be a role model to your baby.
15. You have to be extra patient when your baby becomes whiny, fussy, and cries often.
16. You should have a responsibility to make your baby feel happy, safe, and comfortable around you.
17. You must have a sense of empathy when your baby feels afraid, insecure or ill.
18. Trust me. Time will go by quickly so that your baby quickly became bigger and bigger until he/she becomes an adult. :)

Remember this! To be a first-time mother is not difficult. You just have to learn and live with the patient. 
You will feel tired because you must often get up in the middle of the night to breastfeed your baby. 
You do not feel annoyed because your heart will feel happy when you see your baby smiling sweetly. :)

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Resource: https://pixabay.com/en/photos/baby/

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