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Funny Memories With Anton, My Best Friend (True Story)

I want to live on earth as in heaven. I know you want to live on earth as in heaven too. Together we want to live on earth as in heaven.

If all human beings want to live on earth as in heaven, then evil will wane quickly. And that's when peace comes down to earth.

Matthew {6:10} Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as [it is] in heaven.

I am happy. You are happy. All humans will be happy. :)

Best friends group

My best friend named Antonius, we used to call him by the name of Anton. Anton, I'll always remember funny stories with you.

No day without laughing while studying together Anton. We both had some physical similarity, namely Chinese, handsome, thin, short, bespectacled and love to make people laugh. We fell together because there was an oil spill on the road so that the motorcycle was driven Anton fell on the road. When falling, we feel like the riders are being dropped in circuit racing. Our downfall on the road no less intense with the fall of Valentino Rossi on the racing circuit. People shout to see us fall.

They ran away to our place. We wake up and said, “It's okay, everything is fine.” Although pain, our laughing loudly, discuss why we might fall? Do you think we are both crazy? Because we apply as if it never happened anything.

My knee was bleeding and my pants ripped. Our head banged on the road, fortunately, when we wear helmets. Just like the drivers, after the fall, and then we got back and the motorcycle driven back. Our downfall on the road no less intense with the fall of Valentino Rossi on the racing circuit. Motor runs with laughter accompanied us both. Is Valentino Rossi still could laugh after falling on a racing circuit?

We were good friends and our birthday on the same day. But the year we were born different. Anton age one year older than me. We stayed in the same place, namely in West Jakarta. Differs only a few blocks away. The distance between one or two miles. Our house is close, so often when I was riding home on his motorcycle.

We studied at the University of Atma Jaya Jakarta. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the countries in Southeast Asia. At that time, Atma Jaya was one of the best universities in Indonesia.

In college, we were always seen together. In addition, we like fun and often do as one pleases us. Examples are Anton forced open the doors so that the elevator suspended between one floor to another floor, as was done by the heroes in action movies. And, I turn off the lights at night lecture is running. Of course, the absence of light, the lesson then had to be stopped. So that, we become troublemakers in the Campus. But no one who was angry with us because they know we are doing for fun to make people laugh.

We often tease beautiful coed. They do not get angry instead, they turned to tempt us. So, we were teasing each other. How wonderful that time because we were surrounded by beautiful women. Our life on earth as in heaven.

Once, we both assess a beautiful student. But we do not become hostile because of a woman. We compete fairly. In fact, we tell each other and share information about how we approach her. And, in the end, we both do not get her. Although we were both rejected by her, but we both still feel alive on earth as in heaven. Because, we are still surrounded by others, beautiful women.

Mesnaria, who prefers to be called Amoy, a beautiful Chinese woman, said, Anton when he spokes like noisy as being on the market. We all then laugh Anton. Anton also laughed with us. He was not angry, although at that time he was the subject of our jokes.

In 1987, we almost died because we will be attacked by a mass campaign participants. At that time, Soeharto was president of Indonesia. The Golkar Party is the party of Soeharto supporters. Many students of Atma Jaya are supporting the Partai Demokrasi Indonesia (PDI), an opposition party. Whenever there is a campaign of the Golkar party, the students stood in front of the campus to mock and cheered, shouting, "Hidup PDI." Hidup PDI means “long live the PDI.” I and Anton chimed standing in front of the campus to taunt the Golkar party.

At that time, Anton, I, and Rio were on Bendungan Hilir street to photocopy lecture materials. We often call our gangs, the three of us as “Trio Rio.” We call our gangs as “Trio Rio” because at that time “the band Trio Rio” with their hit song titled “New York-Rio-Tokyo” was very popular in Jakarta.

While waiting for photocopy lecture materials, the motorcade passed the Golkar party campaign. As they shouted, "Hidup Golkar." I also shouted, "Hidup PDI." Campaigners angry and got out of the truck, yelling to beat me. Ours nearly died from being beaten by dozens of the angry mob. People fell from two large trucks. People on the first truck want to hit us. While the people of the second truck, preventing the people from the first truck hit us. After that, they campaigned again left us. We must face pale with fear. But we definitely laugh together as he recounted this event.

Band Trio Rio broke up in 1987, as well as gangs “Trio Rio.” We also disbanded in 1987 because Rio had to leave college to open a store in Glodok. Glodok is the largest electronic trading center in Indonesia.

After Rio opened a store in Glodok, I and Anton were in college together for several years at Atma Jaya.

One day Anton invited me to come see him and his friends to play karate. The match was a friendly match between several Dojo in Jakarta. Laughing I followed. I remembered the movie "The Karate Kid." :)

When the game, as usual, we were both screaming comment on the game. We commented with funny comments so that the audience laughed.

Seeing the game less interesting, than we shouted, "Wo-ho, Spectator disappointed ... players dressing." After a long time the shout we began to change. Not only the players, but we ask the referee to be replaced. Then, the jury replaced. Of course, the atmosphere of the game becomes more crowded and hot.

Anton than fight and he won the game. He took part in team matches. Shortly then, Anton to take me home. He said, "Chard, let's go home. The atmosphere hotter. I guess it briefly again to really fight, Chard. We'd better hurry home."

I actually wanted to protest, but I was forced to come home because I ride the motorcycle home. So, we went home before the game ended.

The next day, Anton told me, yesterday really happen real fights between the participants of the game. I really regret not being able to see a real fight. I can only imagine the fight was like a story in the movie "The Karate Kid."

When did I ask how the end results? Anton tells if they won the game. But after the game is finished, then their Dojo fight with others Dojo elsewhere.

The question now is if I and Anton still there, whether both of us will be beaten like in the movie "The Karate Kid?" Due to the shots of the two of us which caused the match to be the hot atmosphere. I also do not know the answer. :)

There are still a lot of stories about me and Anton is not told here due to the limited number of words. To date I will never forget has had a friend named Antonius because we have experienced no day without laughing while still in college with him.

Anton now lives and works in Sydney, Australia. While I lived in Tangerang, Indonesia.

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