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Oberlo Review: Is Oberlo App Legit?

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Oberlo Review: Is Oberlo App Legit?
By Richard Nata

There are many ways to earn money from the internet without a big capital investment. You can become a Writer, Blogger, Translator, Programmer, YouTuber, Teacher, Designer, or an Author, Entrepreneur, Editor/Proofreader, Entertainer, etc.

You can also start your own online business and/or online store with the low starting cost. One of the easiest ways to start an online business is the dropshipping business.

What is dropshipping?
According to Shopify: “Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock.”

Dropship System is a system where you ask your suppliers to deliver goods directly to your customer by including your name, address, phone, and store as the sender. Easy and Fuss.

Dropshipper means the person who performs the dropship system itself.

According to Business Dictionary, Dropshipper is Agent, distributor, or retailer who carries little or no inventory but earns commission on orders passed on to the manufacturer or original supplier. The ordered goods are 'drop shipped' (see drop shipment) directly from the source to the customer. Most of the network marketing firms and internet based merchants of books, drugs, supplements, toys, etc., are drop shippers.

The Certified Dropshipper is a Certified Wholesaler who offers dropshipping. 

How Dropshipping Works
1.   Import hundreds or thousands of products from the Certified Dropshipper/Suppliers to your store.
2.   Your customers order placed in your store.
3.   Take your profit from the order.
4.   Your customers pay you.
5.   You buy it from your Certified Dropshipper/Suppliers.
6.   Your job ends here.
7.   Your Certified Dropshipper/Suppliers processes your customer’s order.
8.   Your Certified Dropshipper/Suppliers ships it to your customers with your name, address, phone, and store as the sender.
9.   Everybody happy. Ha...7x

what is dropshipping

The Advantages of Dropshipping business
1.   You can start today because it is easy to get started. How I Launched My eCommerce Store in Less than 30 Minutes.
2.   You can even sell on the same day if you use Buzzer to promote your online store.
3.   Flextime. Your working time is flexible because you are the boss of your online store. You have more time with your family.
4.   Flexible place. You can start your dropshipping business from anywhere. You can work in any place you like. You can work at home, cafe, beach, or anywhere, as long as you can connect to the internet connection.
5.   No listing fee. You just fill in your personal data.
6.   Multichannel selling. You can make sales through social media, marketplaces, and other sales platforms. The dropshipping business offers you the flexibility to reach customers on a number of levels.
7.   You can test the market, evaluate it, and strategies to grow your sales.
8.   You can sell thousands or tens of thousands of products from as many suppliers as you want.
9.   There is no minimum purchase when you buy products from your suppliers.
10.                Low starting cost because there is no inventory in your online store.
11.                Low risks. A very low operating budget. Your money is not exhausted to buy inventory, rent a warehouse for inventory, or pay the salaries of employees.
12.                Anyone can be your buyers. They can come from any country. Whenever they can buy from your online store, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7).
13.                With dropshipping, you can quickly increase your sales because you can sell thousands or tens of thousands of products through your online store.
14.                You just focus on marketing only. You do not have to think about the products quality, the supply of products, the increase in the price of raw materials, the increase in the wages of factory workers, etc.
15.                The easy way of marketing. You simply display photos of products you sell on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, your blog, Reddit, forums or groups you follow. You can advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, your blog, Reddit, forums or groups that you follow, to get bigger sales volume.
16.                You can create the best-sellers in your online store, so that attracts more buyers.
17.                Unlimited potential income. The more people who buy from your online store, then your income will be more and more.
18.                You don’t need to have your own website.
19.                You can take items and products from some suppliers.
20.                You can change the suppliers if you feel their products are not sold in your online store.
21.                Diversity. You can sell as many items and/or products, as you want, at no extra cost.
22.                Reduce your investment. You can sell thousands and/or tens of thousands of products at once without spending a lot of capital.
23.                Virtually unlimited inventory in your online store.
24.                You can set up the pricing strategy for your online store to increase sales.
25.                You can set up the coupon strategy for your online store to increase sales. There are three main types of coupons. First, Free shipping coupons. Second, Percentage-off coupons. Third, Money-off coupons.
26.                You can focus on getting traffic to your online store and optimizing conversion. You must increase SEO rankings of your online store by focusing on keywords that your target customers search for will bring you organic traffic from Google. 7 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Store.
27.                You can start your own brand.
28.                The three skills that improve your dropshipping business is marketing, administrative tasks, and become a great customer service.
29.                If your online store has thousands of buyers every month and you can not handle it, then it's good for you to recruit employees, either permanent employees or outsource it.
30.                Your cash flow is not disturbed by having to provide merchandise like any other trading business.
31.                Repeat Customers. If your store has the great, inspiring, innovative, and fun products, then you can get repeat customers.
32.                The longer the more customers who buy the products you sell (repeat customers + new customers).
33.                The advantages of dropshipping business can be used for business expansion into other business. You can grow your business in different areas.
34.                You can get out of the dropshipping business anytime you want.
The Disadvantages of Dropshipping Business
1.    The discount you get is usually small because you buy the product in small quantities per item.
2.    Low profit margins. You cannot take a high profit margin because the price competition is very tight (highly competitive).
3.    You never know whether the products you sell still have stock or not? If the stock runs out and you still sell it, then your store's reputation as a seller will be bad for your customers.
4.    You can not control the processing time. Maybe the process is delayed.
5.    You can not control the shipping time. Maybe your package stuck in transit.
6.    You can not track your products that shipping to your customers.
7.    You don't know all the product information because you never saw your product that you sell before.
8.    You do all the work from your online store except your customer's order process and ship it to them.
9.    The reputation of your store depends on the skills and timeliness of your suppliers. If your supplier makes a mistake like sending the wrong products (size, type), damaged products, missing items, incorrect address, then you will be blamed by your customers.
10.  If your online store crash, then no one can buy from your store until they fix it.
11.  Not everyone is successful in the dropshipping business.
12.  You have to work hard in choosing the items and products you sell. You also have to work hard in promoting your store.

There are many eCommerce businesses on the market. One of the best eCommerce business is AliExpress. The platform is the business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce marketplace of Alibaba.

There are three types of eCommerce. First, B2B. The business to business. Second, B2C. The business to consumer. Third, C2C. The consumer to consumer.
AliExpress launched in 2010. 

AliExpress is an online marketplace offering wholesale prices on products from China to international buyers. It’s continuing to grow every year because it has more 100 million items and customers now.

The question now is AliExpress safe for you? You should not worry about that because AliExpress is safe for you. If AliExpress is not secure, then there are not many successful stories from the users of Oberlo who sell items from AliExpress.
According to Alexa, AliExpress now ranked 44th in the world.
According to Alexa, Shopify currently ranked 407 in the world.
According to Alexa, Oberlo currently ranked 8,292 in the world.
Remember this! The smaller the ranking of your website/blog by Alexa, the more popular.

The advantages of AliExpress suppliers are always up to date their product catalog so that customers always follow the world trend.

Oberlo uses AliExpress products to develop a software app that helps eCommerce entrepreneurs. With Oberlo, you no longer need to copy and paste thousands or tens of thousands of products from AliExpress to your online store. You can use the Oberlo app to automate the process of dropshipping business.


There are many apps that make it easier for you to open an online store on the internet. One of the best apps is Shopify. Shopify is an app for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. It’s continuing to grow every year because it has more 400,000 ambitious people who have sold over $34 billion now.


One of the advantages you use Shopify is that you can add the plugin any third party apps to your store. One of the best plugin Shopify is the Oberlo app. With Oberlo, you can save your time and increase your sales.
Oberlo is an app that continues to grow every year.

Since the company’s founding in September 2015, Oberlo merchants have sold over 85 million products around the world.

This article is my review about the Oberlo.com dropshipping app.

If you want to know more about Oberlo's review, then click here, here, and here.

Oberlo Review   What is Oberlo?
Oberlo was found in September 2015. Oberlo is eCommerce plugins for the online store, especially for dropshipping business. It specializes in automatically integrating products from sites like AliExpress into your online store.
Oberlo is easy to use.

Oberlo has a tutorial on how to launch a store in 30 minutes (with products). You can learn and practice the tutorial.

How to Create a Shopify Dropshipping Store Using Oberlo & Aliexpress (In 30 Minutes!). 
Oberlo® 30mins Challenge. 

Oberlo Features
1.   You can start using Oberlo with Free Starter Plan. If Oberlo fits with your dropshipping business, then you can upgrade to Basic Plan ($29.90/month) or Pro Plan ($79.90/month). See the specifications in the image below.
what is oberlo
what is oberlo pricing
2.   Import products automatically from AliExpress. With Oberlo you can save time and money.

Oberlo Import hundreds of products to your store in minutes. 

3.   Fulfill Orders Automatically. Click “Order Product”  and confirm, then Oberlo fulfillment automatically to ship the products to your customers.
4.   Inventory and Price Auto-Updates. Oberlo constantly updates your product price, so you never sell a product above your retail price. Oberlo constantly updates your stock levels too, so you never sell a product that’s out of stock.
product gone
5.   Product Customization. You can edit your products, like change titles, descriptions, images, items, types, and prices.
6.   Pricing Automation. You can set up the prices to increase your sales.
7.   Shipment Tracking. You can track, where the products your suppliers send to your customers.
8.   Multiple User Accounts. Allow other people to help you manage your online store.
9.   Track Your Sales. You can track products that sell, price per unit, revenues, and costs on your dashboard.
10.               Filter Products with ePacket. You can import only the products with the fastest delivery times with the ePacket filter.
11.               Create Product Wish Lists. You can manage multiple wish lists and import products directly from there.
12.               Connect Existing Products. You can connect a lot of products you’re already selling in your store to Oberlo.
13.               Change Product Suppliers. You can easily change the suppliers, which offer the best price.
14.               Tools and Training. Oberlo is ready to help you succeed by providing the best Tools & Training you can get free.
what is oberlo
15.               Support. Oberlo provides support 24/7 by filling out a contact form, community forum, FAQ, and help page.

The Advantages of Oberlo
1.     You can have a 14-day free trial on Shopify.
2.     With Oberlo, you can import thousands or tens of thousands of products from AliExpress and/or Amazon and sell it in your online store.
3.     With Oberlo, you can save time because it's easily imported product details such as specifications and images. You can import thousands or tens of thousands of products from AliExpress to your store in minutes, just a few clicks. Oberlo saves your time and money. J
4.     The Oberlo Starter Plan is free.
5.     Proven success model. Oberlo has a lot of success story.
6.     You can create the Questions and Answers page.
7.     You can create the Track Your Order page.
8.     You can ask your customer to write a review about your online store. The more reviews have given the better. The more 5-star is given for your online store reviews the better.
9.     You can create the auto-responders.
10.With Oberlo, you can able to process a high number of orders.
12.With Orbelo, you can save time in ordering a product on AliExpress. It’s usually taken 3-5 minutes to 30 seconds.
13.With Oberlo, you can make bulk payments where you can load up to 100 orders at a time and then pay all of them in one shot.

Download Free Ecommerce Book
Is Oberlo App Legit?
Irwin Dominguez from San Diego is one of the most successful eCommerce entrepreneurs on Oberlo. In the eight months since the start of the dropshipping business, he has made a million dollars in sales. He shares his inspiring stories, his experience using the Oberlo app, and strategies for achieving eCommerce success here.
There are 1019 product reviews, in which 946 of the reviews give Oberlo the highest score, five stars. The five-star ranking system of Oberlo proves that Oberlo is the best of the best according to its users.

ecommerce jobs success stories

Why, What and How to Sell Online

Dropshipping traffic calculator

Is Oberlo app legit? Yes, it is.
For a dropshipping business, there is no app as important as Oberlo app. Oberlo is the right solution for your dropshipping business. With Oberlo, you can set up your first online store with ease. You can use Oberlo app to automate the process of dropshipping business.
Remember this! Dropshipping from AliExpress via Oberlo is the ideal solution for your online store.
You can start your dropshipping store for free now. You can quickly import products from AliExpress into your dropshipping store with Oberlo in a few clicks. After that, you can promote your products and/or create ads on the same day.
If you start a dropshipping business today, then you have become an entrepreneur now.
So what are you waiting for? Start your business today.
Start promoting your online business so you can earn the profit as soon as possible.
If Oberlo isn't the right fit for your dropshipping business, simply uninstall the application from your Shopify store.

How To Set Up Oberlo, Free+Shipping & Locksmith In Shopify. 
What’s your Oberlo review? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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