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12 Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website/Blog Faster

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12 Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website/Blog Faster
By Richard Nata

Want more traffic? All website owners and online stores would love to get more traffic.
There are many ways to Rome.
There are many ways to increase traffic to your website/blog or online store. So, do not be afraid of not being able to increase traffic because one or several ways would be right for you.
This article can help you reach as many visitors as possible.

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12 Best Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website Faster
According to the author, here are the 12 best ways to make traffic from your website/blog increases rapidly:
1.  Advertisement.
2.  Guest blogging.
3.  Building networks in social media.
4.  Share your content as much as possible in many places at various times.
5.  Create controversial articles.
6.  Create articles that evoke emotions from your audiences
7.  Expand the internal links on each of your great articles.
8.  Create articles according to today's trends.
9.  Create tons of problem-solving articles.
10.                   Upgrade your old content
11.                   Create storytelling articles.
12.                   Lesson learned from your competitors.

Advertising is one of the fastest ways to bring traffic to your website/blog.
Ads are divided into free ads and paid ads.
Free ads, of course, cannot give maximum results. While the paid ads can give maximum results, but the price is expensive.
The ads that deliver the maximum results are Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Guest Blogging
The fastest way for you to increase traffic to your website/blog is to do guest blogging. You can guest posting to a variety of top world’s most famous websites (the popular website).
Guest blogging is the art of publishing posts on other people's websites.
Guest blogging is having the right approach and pitching the right kind of post. And that’s something that you can learn how to do.
Danny Iny, Founder, and CEO at Mirasee write 84 guest posts in 10 months! The traffic from his guest posts snowballed until his site was getting 16,000 page views a month. And his mailing list grew from 0 to over 3,000 subscribers!
And now Mirasee (formerly Firepole Marketing) became the multiple-seven-figure global company.
Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer: Solely through guest blogging, we’ve acquired around 100,000 users within the first 9 months of running Buffer.
Neil Patel, founder of Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, and QuickSprout: I’ve tried many different inbound marketing strategies, but guest blogging has remained my most treasured tool. QuickSprout wouldn’t have been as successful as it’s become if I’d neglected guest blogging.
Getting your first guest post published on a popular website is hard since you have no social proof. If one or more blogs have published your posts, then your next guest post will be easy.
So, try your guest post published on the local blog. After that, you just try to send a pitch to the popular blog.
The more popular blog that receives your posts, the better. Because this is the proof of your credibility and ability.
Examples of top world’s most famous websites:
1.  New York Post. 
4.  Time. 
5.  Problogger
7.  Techcrunch
8.  Mashable
9.  BuzzFeed.  
10.                   SmartBlogger (formerly boost blog traffic). 
11.                   Copyblogger
12.                   The Sun. 
13.                   Forbes.
14.                   Business Insider.
15.                   Mirasee (formerly FirepoleMarketing).
16.                   Etc.
If you become a guest poster at top websites or popular sites (high-traffic sites) like Huffington Post, Forbes, Business Insider, then your guest posting is one of the best techniques for getting more and more qualified audiences.
Why is that? Audiences of the world's top sites can reach millions to tens of million visitors every day. Therefore, create your great article. Publish on the world's top sites. After that, you can expect hundreds or thousands of new visitors come to your website/blog.
If your great article read by five hundred thousand people and 1% of them visits your website/blog. So, you can get five thousand new visitors. If the average visitor clicks three times, then you got an extra 15,000 traffic.
It is from an article that appeared in the top world’s most famous websites. What if you can do guest posts on many popular blogs?
Before doing guest blogging then it is better you read the articles below.

If you write for guest posts, then forget about the length and SEO, but focus on data and value.

So, start planning your guest blogging strategies. And send your pitches to the popular websites. The more pitches, the better.

Build Networks in Social Media
To make sales, you need a lot of audiences who could potentially be interested in buying whatever you’re looking to offer.
To increase website/blog traffic, you need a lot of audiences who could potentially be interested in reading whatever you’re publishing on your website/blog.
One way to improve audiences from your website/blog is by building a network in your social media.
Social media is a gathering place for people from all over the world. They socialize in cyberspace through social media. Therefore, you should build networks in social media.
In social media, you can meet as many people as you could. This is the target of the business network you want to develop.
Advantages if you build networks in social media:
1. You can choose which social media you use in building networks.
2. You can create a good profile on social media.
3. You can create fan pages.
4. You can create a portfolio that shows your skills and experiences.
5. You can know your audiences.
6. People want to hear what you can do for them, and if you can fix their problems, they will never forget you. They will be your fans.
7. You can sell anything on social media.
8. You can ask any question to the experts in social media.
9. You can share your articles and website/blog on social media.
List of social media that you should use to improve your website/blog traffic:
a.  Facebook.
b.  Google+.
c.   Twitter.
d.  LinkedIn.
e.  Pinterest.
f.    Instagram.
g.  Reddit.
h.  Medium.
i.     StumbleUpon.
j.     Etc.

Share Your Content as Much as Possible in Many Places at Various Times
Many people only do once a promotion in their social media. If you want to get more audiences, then you should promote as often as possible in your social media. Do not be afraid of being spammed if you can promote it with a different sentence. Ha...7x
Here's how to change sentences when promoting on social media:
a. Create a tweet from the title of the article that comes with the link.
b. You can use the question model to tweet.
c. Put fact-based information into your tweets.
d. Select one of the quotes of the interesting phrases in the article and share it.
e. Use more sentences in your tweets.
Example sharing on Twitter:
2.  Life on Earth as in Heaven: 131 Tips to Increase Your Website/Blog Traffic Fast.
3.  Problem with traffic? 131 Tips to Increase Your Website/Blog Traffic Fast.
4.  You must create tons of problem-solving articles to increase your website/blog traffic fast.
5.  This great article will give 131 secret weapons for you to increase your website traffic fast.
6.  High Traffic to Your Website/Blog. 131 Tips to Increase Your Website/Blog Traffic Fast.
7.  Do you want more traffic to your Website/Blog? 131 Tips to Increase Your Website/Blog Traffic Fast.
So, you can share more than once from every article on your website/blog.
Just imagine. You have published 500 articles on your website/blog.
Total extra clicks you get as much as 150,000 times. So, each article averages 300 clicks.
If you are sharing again 5 times of all your articles. And each time you share an average of 50 clicks. Then you get an extra click of 125,000 (5 x 500 x 50) times.
Total clicks: 150,000 + 125,000 = 275,000 times.
Remember this. More share gets more clicks.
So, create a sharing schedule on your calendar now.

Create Controversial Articles
The controversial articles always invite the debate of many people. Therefore, if you write a controversial article, then your article quickly becomes viral.
Viral articles usually invite other authors to create new articles on the same topic or posts that speak about the viral article.
As a result, the topic will become viral. So, the topic could just be a trend on Google or other search engines.
Examples of the controversial articles:
a.  Alex Jones claims he has 'proof' Michelle Obama is a man.
b.  Is Barack Obama the Antichrist?
c.   Is Donald Trump the Beast?
d.  Would Trump attack North Korea?
e.  Is World War III started by North Korea?
You should give plenty of evidence or facts when creating a controversial article. If not, then you are doing slander or spreading hoaxes.
Author suggestions. Be careful when creating a controversial article because you can be prosecuted.

Create Articles That Evoke Emotions from Your Audiences
Humans are social beings. Therefore, people love socializing activities on social media or the real world.
So, you should create articles that generate emotions from your audiences. After that, they will share your article. If many people share your articles then your website will go viral.
Why are they sharing your article? They share your articles because they are looking for friends. After that, they can share their opinions or argue each other.
That is what is called socialization.

Expand The Internal Links on Each of Your Great Articles
This method is inspired by Wikipedia. If you notice, on every Wikipedia page, there are many internal links. Some pages even have dozens of internal links.
This method makes your audiences can read other articles on your website/blog. And every click from your audiences who want to read other articles on your website/blog means more traffic to your website/blog. Right? He...7x

Create Articles According to Today's Trends
Trends always change every day. Today's trends mean topics what people want to know today. Because most people are looking for the same information on the topic. After that, it has become today's trends.
If you want to write articles based on trends, then use ‘Google Trends.’ You can see what the trends are today. Google Trends gives you real-time data from more than 100-billion searches through the search engine.
With Google Trends, you can research niche topics by geography or country. After that, you write and publish articles today as well.

Create Tons of Problem-Solving Articles
You should have the ability to see and understand others.
Before writing, you should:
a. You must have the ability to see and understand others.
b. You have to know what problems, many people are facing.
c. You have one or more ways to solve their problems.
I want to tell the truth to you. Most of your audience does not care about you. They only care about themselves. They only care about the problems they face today.
Your audiences are ultimately reading your post to learn what it can do for them. They just want to find intelligent and sensible answers to all their problems.
Therefore, if your article only talks about you, you, and you. They will leave you. Ha...7x
So, you must create a problem-solving article to fix their problems. After you help them, then they pay attention to what you say. They also want to buy the products you offer or pay your consulting fees. But you should be able to prove first if you can help them. Ha...7x
If a problem-solving article can help tens to hundreds of people, then you will get tens to hundreds of clicks. Those who feel you have helped will gladly share your problem-solving article on their social media. So, you get dozens of up to hundreds of sharing on social media.
The more people share your article on social media, then the more viral your article will be.
If a problem-solving article can become viral, then you should create more articles like this.
So, you must create tons of problem-solving articles to increase your website/blog traffic fast.

Upgrade Your Old Content and Republishing
The search engines, affordable Google, really like if you update the content on your website/blog.
Author suggestions. You should not just update the content. You should improve your content from good to great. He...7x
The advantages you get if using this way are:
1.  Builds trust with your audiences.
2.  Search engines love new contents.
3.  Your opportunity to get more rankings on search engine.
Examples of upgrading articles:

Top 15 Greatest Business Ideas for Students.

Results after upgrading.

25 Ways Students Can Make Big Money Quickly.

Remember this. More content, more index.
Therefore, your website/blog will get a better ranking in the SERP (search engine results page).
So, if you upgrade your content then your audiences and search engines will be happy. Because your article is considered as a new content.

Create Storytelling Articles
Use storytelling techniques for your great articles. The human brain is wired to understand and keep stories. The stories put the brain to work. So, the storytelling articles affect the human brain.
The idea is to attract audiences to your website/blog. People always read a good storytelling. So, give them what they like.
Give them the storytelling article that people actually want to read. Very easy, isn't it? Ha...7x
Example of a storytelling article. The story you are telling the audiences why you wrote your great article. How it can help others. And how the world will benefit from your great article.
You can develop a positive attitude about your article. So, people will read and promote it to their friends.
Word-of-mouth recommendation is one of the keys to success for your website/blog.

Lesson Learned from Your Competitors
Everyone has made a mistake. So, do not afraid, if you make a mistake on your website/blog. Because you can fix your mistake soon. He...7x
You can learn a lot from your competitors to increase your traffic. Learn what topics are given on their website/blog.
Learn the most popular articles there.
Learn how to monetize their website.
You must learn from the success of your competitors.
Here's what you can learn:
1. Observe. Find out what causes them to succeed.
2. Imitate. To imitate all the things that make them successful.
3. Modify or find a better strategy than your competitors. You should do a lot of research to do this.
Do the three strategies above. So, you can be more successful than ever.
You can also do these three strategies for other popular websites.
Mahatma Gandhi: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."  

How to Grow Traffic Efficiently and Effectively
Once you set a goal, then you should focus on achieving the goals that you specify. After determining the goal, then you must also set a great plan and great strategy so you can meet your goals.
1. A great plan is how do you create a great article.
With a great plan, you have to create a great concept. With a great concept, you can create many great ideas. With a great idea, you can create many great titles and promises to deliver a great content to yourself.
Is it that true?
2. A great strategy is that you make the tight deadlines (time schedule) so you managed to create a great article.
Without a powerful strategy, then you will never write a great article. You will never make it go viral because you cannot compete with other writers.
If your focus then you can decide what strategies will you used to get to your goals? What short-term strategy will you use? What long-term strategy will you use?
According to the author, you can increase the traffic by using the short-term strategy and long-term strategy. So, you will work efficiently and effectively if you can use both strategies.
The formula:
A great article: goal + great plan + great strategy + great concept + great ideas + great title + great content.
In fact, there are still hundreds of ways to increase traffic to your website/blog. Therefore, the author creates a guidebook on this subject. The book is titled "Want More Traffic? 514 Tips to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic and Income Faster."
Based on the analysis of the author, 12 of the above is the best way to improve website/blog traffic.
What do you think?
Do you have any other way? If yes, please share your way with us.

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