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53 Simple Ways to Brighten Your Daily Routines

I want to live on earth as in heaven. I know you want to live on earth as in heaven too. Together we want to live on earth as in heaven.

If all human beings want to live on earth as in heaven, then evil will wane quickly. And that's when peace comes down to earth.

Matthew {6:10} Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as [it is] in heaven.

I am happy. You are happy. All humans will be happy. :)

53 Simple Ways to Brighten Your Daily Routines

This is a real story. You have some much stress now. Nobody said that life is easy.

However, I will make your life easier. I have some clever ideas that make your life much simpler.

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53 Simple Ways to Brighten Your Daily Routines
1. To make a quick coffee drink when you want, you may freeze your brewed coffee in an ice-cube tray. You just have to put this in the glass and add a little milk. Enjoy!
2. Contrary to the popular belief, when you are suffering from cold, a dish of ice cream will be a good idea, because it’s soothing to a sore throat.
3. Taking three minutes of the cold shower will make you burn over 40 extra calories.
4. For the most effectiveness, you can apply antiperspirants during the night before your bed instead of morning.
5. Whenever you feel nauseous, eat two tablespoons of finely ground coffee.
6. To prevent your eggs from cracking while boiling, put the burnt match in water.
7. You may put cigarette ash in the soil of the plants, which are in trouble by insects since nicotine is the strongest spectrum pesticides.
8. For people who do not know: when you press ctrl+shift+n in your Chrome browser, it will open the incognito window that is the mode that does not track your browsing history.
9. You may test right salt ratio when making pickles just by putting an egg in water. Suppose it floats, it is okay!
10. Suppose you are experiencing diarrhea that does not stop, boil water & add some pomegranate peel pieces and let this mixture to steep and then drink this liquid.
11. When you have hiccups, hold down your breath for 15 sec and swallow three times. Your hiccups will go away.
12. To tell the quality of the wine, watch 'wine legs that are droplets of the wine that forms on the inside wine glass. Slower the tears flowing down from the side, more it is of higher quality.
13. Dogs and cats hate the smell of mothballs. So, you may scatter down your old mothballs across your flower beds and gardens to keep it away.
14. You may add some drops of favorite perfume or cologne to ironing water that will make your clothes to smell as you want.
15. You can use a cotton ball soaked in milk to remove hair dye stain.
16. To cool down your tongue from spicy food, do not drink water, instead, one teaspoon of sugar and chewing bread slice.
17. Start your day out with a mug of lukewarm water and juice of half lemon. Vitamin C & potassium that is high in the lemon,
so it is good for fighting colds, nerve function, and stimulating the brain and helping to control the blood pressure.
18. Are you having trouble sleeping? Drink cherry tart juice. This will help you sleep more soundly, as it is a natural source of sleep-wake melatonin hormone.
19. You can use boiled-egg water to water the plants.
20. Sprinkling baking soda in the bottom of the trash can and directly in the trash will work huge wonders in preventing the stinky odors.
21. Before you bake potatoes, boil this for 10 to 15 minutes. It may shorten the cooking time.
22. Always put moisturizer before you wear makeup, regardless of the skin type, since it can keep the skin from producing any excess oil as well as help to make the makeup look very flawless.
23. In chess games, the person who controls 4 squares at a center of the board may have a higher chance of winning.
24. Whenever you feel a little down, try to walk in nature. It is proven that by walking in the natural environments immediately improves anyone mood by decreasing activity in the portion of the brain known as the subgenus prefrontal cortex.
25. You may easily turn the hoodie in laptop bag
26. You can make own latte art only by using piece of paper
27. Suppose you have had to give eye drops to a small child. Tell your kid to lay down & close their eyes. Place a small drop on inside corner of their eye. The drop will slip on eyeball when a child opens the eyes.
28. Suppose you have your friends on much over & you want to chill your drinks, just place this in the large pot & cover with ice. And sprinkle two cups of salt on top of ice and fill rest of this pot with water. All your drinks will get cold within two to three minutes.
29. Many fires are started each year from the clogged dryer vents and you can avoid that with some easy steps to keep dryer clean & clog free. 
30. Need to open the page in a new tab? You can save some time just by clicking on a link with the middle button of your mouse. Suppose you do not have a mouse with a middle button you may hold down Ctrl key when clicking on a link.
31. While making deviled eggs, you can place egg yolks in the Ziploc bag with rest of your ingredients. Close this bag and mash the thing together. Once it is mixed well cut off the small tip from the bottom corners of a bag and squeeze contents in your egg white. Toss this bag when you are done for cleanup.
32. To reheat your pizza without getting crust soggy, place your pizza in nonstick skillet and heat on the low until warm.
33. Keep an eye out for the gifts for family and friends every time you shop. Buying gifts all over the year can saves your stress and time when Christmas and birthdays roll around.
34. Use your wet newspaper as a weed block. Place the layer on the ground and build the raised bed on the top of this or layer stuff over your plants & cover with mulch. As weeds will grow through the store weed presenters and not wet newspaper. 
35. Suppose you have sealed the envelop and realized that you forgot something, place an envelop in the freezer for some hours. It may pop right open and you can put whatever you want.
36. Do not have any time for exercise? You can try to do double tasking. Do some squats when you brush teeth. Push-ups when waiting at the tub to fill. Bicep curls when stirring sauce with another hand.
37. After making fish boil vinegar in the pot and let this boil. Nasty smell of fish will disappears instantly leaving the kitchen smelling clean once again.
38. If you cannot find a shower curtain that will match your bathroom, try looking in regular curtain section. With this, you may turn any of the curtains in the shower curtain.
39. Use tackle box for storing all the medicine and the first aid supplies.
40. To peel kiwi cut off its top and bottom, then slip a spoon among its skin and flesh. Twist your spoon around entire kiwi. Then just pop its skin off.
41. When you are done using a roll of tape, just fold the last inch down & stick this back on itself. This can creates a bit tab that will be found easily so you do not need to waste any time searching for the end of a tape.
42. Accidentally close the tab on the browser? Just hit ctrl+shift+T and page will come up again.
43. Stick your old magazines or newspaper inside your boots while you store them. As this can keep tops from flopping and adding any unsightly creases to the boots. 
44. Toss items like baby spoons, pacifiers or bottle caps inside the small lingerie bag & set a bag in the top rack of the dishwasher. This can keep things falling down the rack and being lost and ruined in the bottom on a dishwasher.
45. You may tint glass of any color by using the mod podgier or food coloring. 
46. Create tight seal on a plastic bag using a plastic water bottle. Makes it super simple to pour out the next serving. 
47. You may cook salmon in the dishwasher!! This can come in very handy when you are cooking for the large crowd and do not have enough open space. 
48. Divide & freeze soup in muffin tins. Makes best each serving you may pop out when you want them.
49. While packing liquids (like conditioner, shampoo, mouthwash) for next trip, just take a lid off, place the piece of wrap over an opening and screw lid back on. Plastic wrap may keep liquid from spilling if lid pops open. 
50. Use a hanger with the clips to hold all your recipes where you may see them. Now, no more oily fingerprint all across the recipe cards!!
51. You may save your tomato paste for 3 months if you freeze it!! 
52. Tired of running shirts and shrinking sweaters because you threw them in a dryer? Keep the dry erase marker at your laundry. Use this marker to write down notes on the washing machine.
53. Before you start grilling burgers, press whole in a middle of your patty. The hole will disappears when burger cooks. This may reduce shrinking & you will not need to worry about this not being did from the center.

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Do you have any other tips? If so, write in the comments below. :)



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