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5 Must Be Installed On Your Android Smartphone


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For new users of Android Smartphone, may have confused what must application of Android that important and need to install first? There are millions of Android Smartphone apps both free and paid ready to be installed on your favorite Smartphone, so many application options available in the Google Play Store.
There are many types of applications available both free and paid, start from important applications such as Antivirus, Office until the application that is entertainment such as games and video player. The following are the applications must be downloaded on Android Smartphone:
1. Antivirus applications
The first is installed antivirus, so that when installing other applications will be more secure. In addition, the antivirus is very useful for android that has been at the root in order to avoid the entry of viruses and malware. Many Antivirus must be tried, but the only one that must be used. For example, 360 Mobile Security, Avast! Mobile Security, ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus, Avira Antivirus Security, AVG Antivirus Security, etc.
2. Chat application
Chatting is a common activity for Android users because the features and applications available are very abundant. With this application, chat, text features found on phones such does not sell anymore. Most people buy a smartphone just to enjoy the chat features and social media because it easier to socialize to others. Many interesting applications that need to be installed, such as BBM, Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Instagram, etc.
3. Android Browser Applications
This important application shall be used for Android owners. As we all know, Android is a smartphone that is always connected to the internet, so that the browser is an application that is very important. With a web browser, users can easily surf in cyberspace. For the best android browser as follow: Opera Mini, Chrome browser, Firefox Android, Dolphin Browser, UC browser, etc.
4. Office applications Android
Not just for social media, android also used to facilitate the task of the office or school. With the android office applications, one should not use the computer while be typing something, because this feature has been available in the phone. What are the best office applications and for free? Here are: Quick office application, Application Docs To Go, Applications Kingsoft Office, Polaris Office app, Google Drive, Adobe Reader, etc.
5. File Manager
This application functions to manage files on internal and external memory (SD Card), or in other words, with the File Manager you can manage or just view the files you have, on a computer or laptop, commonly called Windows Explorer, it's pretty much the same function. Some important applications such as File Manager for Android is ES File Explorer & Manager, Astro File Manager for Android that has not rooted meanwhile if you have to root your Android then install the application Root, Explorer.

That's the best android apps that are must be downloaded. Besides all, there are many other important applications, however, only be used according to user needs. Of the many free android applications, don’t try to install all, but select and use applications that are likely important for personal needs and requirements.

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