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5 Tips to Be Productive on a Long Flight


I want to live on earth as in heaven. I know you want to live on earth as in heaven too. Together we want to live on earth as in heaven. 

If all human beings want to live on earth as in heaven, then evil will wane quickly. And that's when peace exists among human beings on earth.

Matthew {6:10} Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as [it is] in heaven.

I am happy. You are happy. All humans will be happy. :) 

Well, you've got a ticket, and you're set to start your journey down to somewhere. Long distance flight needs more preparation than a short distance, especially if you go for a while or traveling abroad. Preparation is the key to enjoying the comfortable long flight experience and to make sure that you arrive at your destination with all your needs.

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If you feel like you don’t want to waste any of that time just for sleep or you don’t even feel the time passing on the board, you might do something productive while on the journey. So you’re not just productive, but also, the time seems to pass faster and in a much more pleasant way, as you’ll see below.
  1. Work
If you're on a flight and take a long time, on the other side you also are being pursued work deadlines. Don’t forget to bring portable items that can easily access the digital office tools to keep working on your job. For example laptop or iPad to stay connected with the office while you’re away from your desk.
  1. Watch a Movie
Choose what you want to watch on your personal screen. In order to respect other, pop on your headphones and try to get into the movie. Feel free with the plane facilitation or if there are no entertainment amenities, you can use your gadget to make your long flight more productive and save you from boredom. Watch the movie you have downloaded on your laptop before.
  1. Reading
Reading during a flight gives you plenty of time to read something you liked or something that haven’t found time to read before because of your busy life. Use your time effectively and take a book in your hand luggage, it could be a hardcover book or an eBook on your iPad, or even on your laptop, it will not only save you from boredom but also entertain you or get something interesting in the trip.
  1. Socialize with seat-mate
Be sociable and communicative when you travel. Breaking the ice with your seat-mate and starting some light conversations can lead to a lot of great things, from a few minutes of great conversation to friendships, job opportunities and even much more. Just because you started the conversations with the new person, you could be made a friendship, learned interesting stuff talking to interesting people, got free drives from the airport, learned new languages, got free food, or anything else.
  1. Writing anything
As a writer, time is money. If you feel bored, try to utilize the time during a long flight. You can write on your laptop or take your pen and paper to start writing anything. It can be articles, poem, song lyric or other writings to relieve the boredom. Maybe the idea can be found when you see the beautiful sky outside the window.


Be Productive because time is money. He becometh poor that dealeth [with] a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich (Proverbs 10:4).

7 Things To Do on Long Airplane Flights.

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