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8 Simple Tips And Tricks on Xiaomi MIUI V5


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Xiaomi is smartphones that come from China. Although the first smartphone released in August 2011, in just three years, Xiaomi has sold more than 60 million smartphones in different countries.
Xiaomi is one of the Android brands that pretty much in demand. Xiaomi comes with new things, especially MIUI, one of the very popular Custom ROMs. This Custom ROM offers a simple UI design and intuitive and good performance of UX. If you are not so familiar with MIUI, reading and learning this article.
Here are some simple tips and tricks that can be useful if you are using the smartphone Xiaomi MIUI.
  1. Quick Music Access
When the screen is locked, and you want to listen to music then double-click unlocks the button will automatically turn into a music player. This feature allows you to listen to any music because you can download songs for free, or buy through online stores that sell the song.
  1. Quick Camera Access
When the screen is locked, and you want to use the camera to take photos then hold down the Back-Button and you will get into the camera feature. But you have to set this feature before in the Settings-Button & Keys-Enable “Long press back key for the camera.” This feature allows you to take photos or make videos.
  1. The Flashlight
When the screen is locked, hold down the Home-Button and your flashlight will light on. Press again for three seconds until the phone vibrates then the screen will be off while the flashlight will stay on. To turn it off, just tap the screen anywhere.
  1. Hidden messages
Want to hide a message from someone? MIUI V5 has a smart solution. On the message screen, pull down the screen and there is an image of the padlock. You will get into the room where only you who know there is a hidden message of other messages you can also set a password for this feature.
  1. The Screen Captures
One of the features that exist in the standard Android is a screen capture that can be used to take a screenshot of the screen. On the MIUI V5 you just press the Menu and Volume Down simultaneously, then your phone will automatically capture and save “screenshots.” The image files are automatically stored on the SD card.
  1. Network Speed
Have you ever been questioning how fast internet connection of your phone? At MIUI V5, you can make it happen. Just go to the Settings>Notifications> Show Connection Speed. It will appear beside the information of cell signal.
  1. Mutes the incoming call
You must forget to turn the phone into silent mode. If the incoming call and you are in a meeting, it would be very troublesome if you have to get into silent mode first. With MIUI V5, you simply reversed the phones and automatically the phone ringing will off without rejecting the incoming call. Enter to the menu Settings> More phone settings> Incoming call status setting> activate the Flip to silence.
  1. Hold toggle icon to enter the settings page
MIUI give the toggle to give easy access to change your android settings. This menu you can get on the notification bar, then the next tab there will be icons toggles. Hold the icon and you will directly get into the settings' menu.
Thus, eight Simple Tips and Tricks on Xiaomi MIUI V5 that might be useful for you. And, you become more efficient in using Xiaomi MIUI V5.

Introducing Xiaomi MIUI V5 (HD).

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