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10 Countries With The Fastest Internet Speed in The World

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It is undeniable that the Internet is contributing to the growth of smartphones and other industries in a country. The fastest internet speed in the country, it will make the economy grow. Nevertheless, the speed of access has a significant difference in some regions of the country.
A number of countries with high internet speed compete in the top position. It gives a list of records speed Internet connection in the world.
  1. South Korea
In recent years, South Korea has always been the number one country with the highest Internet speed, which is 22.2 Mbps. Nevertheless, this country internet speed was decreased approximately 12% of normal speed there. Year after year has been changed, the speed of the Internet in this country increased the return of about 1.6%.
  1. Hong Kong
The second rank was occupied by Hong Kong. The country has an average Internet speed of 16.8 Mbps, growth of 3.4% compared to the previous quarter and keeps increasing approximately 37% from year to year.
  1. Japan
According to the list released by Akamai, Japan ranks third. This position has not changed from the previous quarter. The country has an average Internet speed of 15.2 Mbps. This achievement increased 1% compared to the previous quarter and 16% year on year.
  1. Sweden
Sweden in 2015 was able to increase the speed of Internet access for the region reached 34%, so it notes that the country is able to provide access speeds of up to 14.6 Mbps.
  1. Switzerland
Ranks fifth in the list of country with the fastest Internet connections, Switzerland recorded a speed access reached 14.5 percents. A little different with the Netherlands, but the government was able to increase the speed reaches 21 percent this year, compared to 2014 last.
  1. Netherlands
The Netherlands also maintained its position. The country has an internet connection speed of 14.2 Mbps on average, a rise of 1.7% from last quarter and up 15% from the previous year.
  1. Latvia
Baltic’s State of Northern Europe. Latvia rises up one rank from the previous rankings. Although the speed internet ever got decreased in each quarterly and annually, Latvia now has an average Internet speed of 13 Mbps, down 2.6% compared to the previous quarter and 25% over the previous year.
  1. Ireland
Ireland is currently ranked eighth with the average internet speed of 12.7 Mbps, down 8.9% compared to the previous quarter and increased 24% over the previous year.
  1. Czech Republic
The Czech Republic also maintained its position. This country has an average Internet speed of 12.3 Mbps. The average internet speed in the country grew 0.1% from the previous quarter and 8.4% over the previous year.
  1. Finland
Finland was in the tenth position with an average Internet speed of 12.1 Mbps shifting Singapore. The internet connection in this country increased by 2.8% in the quarter and up 33% from the previous year.

Each country has different average speed ratings, as revealed by Akamai Technologies as a service provider cloud.

Which Countries Have The Fastest Internet?


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