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7 Animals With The Most Deadly Electricity Power

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Most people know that an electric generator can generate electricity. But apparently is not always an electric generator that can produce the electrical shock. In fact, animals do the same thing. Although some types of animals can’t overpower the electricity generated by the electric generator, but some of these animals can produce large amounts of electricity.
In fact, the seven of these animals depends on their biological electroreception ability in producing electricity for hunting their prey. In addition, they also use it for attacks against the predator and as a tool for navigation. The animals do it? Get curious?
Let's look at the seven Animals with the most deadly electricity power following.
  1. Electric Catfish
Electric catfish are found in tropical regions of Africa and the Nile. Typically, the electric catfish are nocturnal and the feed is fish. This freshwater catfish can paralyze their prey using only the electric power of up to 350 volts use electro plaques of an electric organ. They can grow up to 39 inches. 

  1. Peter’Elephant Nose Fish
These fish are found around the river in the west and central Africa, and usually dark. Fish Elephant nose fish have a special organ that produces electricity, contained in the tail, which consists of thousands of boxes such as multi-air cell nucleus called electroplaxes or electro plaques. In the resting state, each cell electroplax has a negative charge inside and positive charge outside. When the organ is stimulated through muscular contractions, it will create a weak electric current. 

  1. Electrophorus Electricus 
Most commonly found in the waters of South America, the electric eel can produce more electricity than any other animal in the world. With 5,000 to 6,000 electroplaxes. Research shows that they can produce an intermittent shock tirelessly for an hour. The amount of electric power generated can easily be deadly for the adult human. However, most of what makes an electric eel is very unique is its ability to control the power of their shocks. One electric eel shock equal to 500 Volts. Electric eels are not really classified as an eel, but rather as a fish. Although called eel, he belonged to Gymnotiformes (knife fishes, gymnotid). He could grow up to a length of 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) and weighing 20 kilograms (44 pounds), although the average size normally only 1 meter.

  1. Torpedo Electric Stingray 
Known able generate an electric power, ranging 8 to 220 volts used to stun their prey and for defense. The main function of the electricity generated by Stingrays was to find the food and for self-defend. Stingrays used to bury themselves in the seabed that invisible for their prey or enemy. When there is prey drawing near, the stingray directly activates the electric organ so that the fish are hit by an electric shock and passed out at once.

  1. Hammerhead Sharks
With hundreds of thousands of electroreceptor organ (called Ampullae of Lorenzini) in their body, this shark being the one and only shark who has the greatest electric sensitivity which can detect the signal of a half billion volts of other animals. And ease in looking for prey. Ampullae detect electrical fields generated by other underwater animals. Hammerhead sharks also use their internal detection such as a GPS device, helping to adjust in detecting the ocean currents moving in the Earth's magnetic field.

  1. Echidnas
The spiny animal has a long snout as mouth and nose. The muzzle is also sending electrical signals which help them hunt for food. The electroreceptive system at the muzzle is less complex than platypuses. Their electroreception proves useful even though they become terrestrial animals because their snouts are constantly wet. It’s much easier to conduct electricity in water than on land, that’s why most animals with electroreception derived from water.

  1. Electric Skate Fish
These animals spend most of their time on the seabed or in cold water and use electrical ability to absorb a weak electric field incurred by the shrimp, snails, and clams, which become their favorite meal. The animal's mouth is in the lower part of his body, so that make it easier to hunt and eat food. The electricity generated by this animal comes from its tail and the shock generated give different effects depending on the species being stung. They use its electric power to fight against the predators, to recognize each other, and communicate with one another.


The Shocking Truth About Electric Animals!

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