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Why Do You Have to Do 7 Minutes of Daily Exercise Before Going to Work?


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Have you always wanted to exercise but feel they have no enough time? Perhaps the answer is 7 Minute Exercise. Why must be 7 minutes a day before activity? 7 minutes is not much time. For example, you can eat or bathe for longer than 7 minutes each time. Sports activities in 7 minutes consist of 13 intense movements. Actually, it was popular in the United States since 2013, and also had sparked lively debate related to effectiveness.
  • Many of you might prefer to exercise in the afternoon or evening after the office. But the works piling up or entirely unexpected often make your exercise schedule dormant. Plans just plan. If you are truly planning for it, why not to get up and do exercise earlier? By making light exercise as the first activity of the day, you prevent yourself looking for excuses to skip the exercise schedule. It is also justified by Cedric Bryant, Ph.D., chief science officer from the American Council on Exercise. "If you practice before other activities interfere with, likely you are going to do the exercises routine will increase."
  • Another advantage is that you tend to get enough sleep. Because you train yourself to be more disciplined. Know to get up early and do some exercise before, you definitely will get ready to sleep faster so that you feel no sluggish when waking up. This may make you more organize in bedtime and waking. Mentally, you also make yourself more disciplined.
  • When doing exercise, the body will release a good variety of compounds and make the body become more powerful. One of these good compounds is endorphins that will help in improving the energy. Therefore, the body will be more energetic and ready to face the activities during the day.
  • Morning exercise will help a person to train the brain and improve his ability to focus. When exercising in the morning, one would also think of a series of plans that will do after exercise. This will train the brain to work fully in the morning.
  • By doing a little light exercise, you seemed, heating the body to be ready to work. When you exercise, every movement leads the oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, organs, and other parts of your body. This means that your entire cardiovascular system works efficiently to increase energy, according to the Mayo Clinic.

7 Minute Workout Series.

Thus the discussion about why you have to do 7 minutes of daily exercise before going to work to start the activities and jobs. Although the name is 7 minutes exercise, experts argue that the real result of exercise will be impacted if you make more than one set each day. Of course, 7 minutes exercise still better than no exercise at all.

7 Minute Workout: Full Body Fat-Burning Cardio.

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