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10 Dumb Things Women Should Never Say to Men on the First Date

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The first date could be an early good impression, don’t let you be nervous or don’t know what should be talked about and how to start a good relationship. Determine a good chat, and which should be avoided and which is perfect for a first date’s talks. The first date is a moment which full of dilemmas. You feel great happiness because of success taken him out, but on the other side, you might feel fear and anxiety remarkable how the date is over.
The following is a conversation that should be avoided and never say to men on the first date:
  1. Don’t say anything about your ex, especially if it’s nice things that your ex-has ever did to you. Please, your dating couple doesn’t need that information. It’s not important to be talked.
  2. Do not say "I've been to this place before." If you ever been to that place before indeed. It’s better not to tell your date. This would offend him because he certainly has chosen and prepared this place before. He wants to make you feel in awe of the place he was chosen. However, what happens when you say "I've been to this place before"?
  3. Don’t ask for driven home. Because you want to know how your date could be liable as a guy, you might ask this to him. Girls, as you know he was looking for your attention, he'll surely take you home even though you didn’t ask for. But if you say that, it means you're showing him that you are reliant to a guy.
  4. “You've come here with an ex?” When your date invites you to a place, maybe you'll wonder if he was ever here with his ex. But it would be better if you didn’t say it to your date because it might make him upset with you.
  5. Don’t ask his salary or his income when the first date. Unless you want your self-image labeled as materialistic.
  6. Don’t let you ask, "Did you pay for it?" then immediately ordered an expensive meal after he said "Yes." How embarrassing you.
  7. Saying that you are often ignored as if degrade the self-esteem ahead of men. Your charms will fade and fall instantly. So, you should keep the bitter experience behind and don’t ever tell him.
  8. Tell him that you don’t work. Perhaps you really just want to be honest. However talking about the job, especially if you're not working, it’s not polite to do when the first date. Saying that you are unemployed, moreover, say you don’t want to work. It will give the impression that you're going to rely on him.
  9. You are the first one treating me sweetly. Maybe you intend to praise him by saying that he was the first do sweet things to you. But as you know it can actually make you look pitiful. Because all, this time, nobody treats you nicely. In this way, your date may no more want to invite you for a date, because he thinks he no longer challenged to get you.
  10. Ask for next date. After the date is over, you maybe be impressed and eager to continue the next date. But it would be better if you didn’t say it. Because it will show that you are too aggressive and impatient. In addition, he might not feel the same as you do.
Be honest is fine, but pay attention to the place and time, to say it. Some of the above should not say when the first date.

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