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Love Story


I want to live on earth as in heaven. I know you want to live on earth as in heaven too. Together we want to live on earth as in heaven. 

If all human beings want to live on earth as in heaven, then evil will wane quickly. And that's when peace comes down to earth. 

Matthew {6:10} Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as [it is] in heaven.

I am happy. You are happy. All humans will be happy. :) 

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With bulging eyes, he hit my face with all his strength. People, especially women shout, "Beware!" I was also surprised beaten like that.

Today, as usual, I took the bus for going to college. While riding on the bus, as usual, conductor screaming, “Inside, go inside!” The bench was filled with passengers. So I had to stand up to jostle with other passengers. Buses run faltering because of a traffic jam.

The air was hot. Although the window has been opened, the air still feels hot. Hot air can create emotions quickly increased. The streets were jammed can make the emotions rise fast. The streets were jammed plus hot air can create the emotions quickly doubled.

At that moment five men heavyset into the bus. Hmm. Hordes of pickpockets. I thought. I often see their action when to pilfer on the bus. I must be alert to them. Do not get my wallet stolen by them. 

Moreover, today I bring quite a lot of money. The money to pay for tuition. So I will be fighting for my money desperately, until the last drop of my blood. I muttered to myself.

Pickpocket hordes suddenly came up. Presumably, they were interested in seeing the pants pocket behind that looks thick. One of them quickly took my wallet. Fortunately, I have been alerted earlier. Quickly, I move my hand to the back pants pocket, so I survived wallet pick-pocketing.

For a few seconds the case of attraction wallet. I had to endure to the end. "Lord Jesus help me," I said to myself. Suddenly one of them nudged the shoulders of people trying to take my purse while giving the code.

Quickly, pickpocket gangs rushed to leave me. They have found a new target.

Thank you, God. My wallet was still there.

Then I looked to the side, trying to see, who the target of the pickpocket gangs? 

A beautiful teenage girl seen surrounded by gangs of pickpockets. The beautiful girl looks a little frightened.

I know that girl. She is a new generation in my campus. Although I do not know her name.

Spontaneously I shouted, “Hey!”

I intend to warn the girl from the gangs of pickpockets.

When he heard my shout. The person who was going to pick my wallet come over to me.

With bulging eyes, he hit my face with all his strength. People, especially women shout, "Beware!" I was also surprised beaten like that.

Fortunately, I am a kung fu master. My right hand to quickly deflect blows opponents. While my left hand to the opponent's counter attack. Buuukk !! Loud noise heard when my fist hit his face. He fell backward.

The passengers applauded see my opponent falls. 

Heard a noise, a pickpocket gang leave the young girl, and they move in unison to attack me.

Of course, I was not afraid. I'm the master of kung fu. 

My left foot forward, right leg back. I stood sideways with the left fist under the nose. While my right fist in front of the chest, ready to hit.

"Come forward. Let me beat all of you!" I shouted to scare them.

One of them had been kicked towards my chest. As a kung fu expert, I easily dodge from attack. I quickly counter attack. My boxing returning casualties. He fell backward.

My heart is cheered with joy to see one another enemy to fall behind. 

Buuukk!! Suddenly my head pain. 

Apparently my head is struck from behind by a pickpocket gang who pretended as a passenger.

Not just once struck my head. The second blow made my head seemed to burst. The third blow made me faint. I also do not know whether after collapsing, I still continued to be beaten by him.

When conscious, my head hurts. Not only my head, my whole body ached. Feels like a thousand needles pricked. When I opened my eyes, I felt the room sway. I immediately closed my eyes.

I knew I was being treated in hospital.

"Thank you, Lord Jesus. You wake up," I heard a girl sobs. 

"Some last hour, I felt very scared. I'm scared you to death," said the girl again.

I feel not know her. I tried to remember. Oh yes. It's a girl who was in the bus.

"During several hours of this, I continue to pray that you may not die. If you die, I will feel very innocent," said the girl again.

"Do not cry. Where I could die. I'm not married," I tried comforting words.
"During several hours of this, I continue to pray that you may not die. If you die, I will feel very guilty," said the girl again.

"Do not cry. Where I could die. I'm not married," I tried comforting words.

"What the hell you are, Chard? Just open your eyes already talking about mate?" She looks angry.

Despite being angry, the girl still looks pretty. Oh my God. She's so beautiful.

I smiled and said, "I would rather see you get angry than to see you cry."

"Richard, you don't think about the cost of the hospital well. All fees will be paid by me," a man who was sitting in the chair said to me.

I feel confused. I do not know who he is.

"Kam sia ( thank you )," I answered.

"That's my daddy, Chard," the girl explained to me.

I'm more confused. How do they know my name?

OOO, they know because they saw my ID card.

Remember ID card, remember wallet. I instinctively felt to the back for my wallet. 

Turns out I wear clothes of hospital patients. So there is no wallet in it.

"Search wallet? Your wallet there with me," She said. 

The girl immediately pulls out my wallet out of her bag.

"Fortunately, your wallet was not taken, Chard. Five times your head beaten with a rubber truncheon. When you fall, your wallet want to be taken, but the passengers screaming, so the pickpocket gang fled. I keep your wallet, Chard. Don't be afraid. Your money really safe with me," the girl told me.

"Richard, your head are strong. Beaten five times but did nothing," father of the girl said.

"This is the fourth time my head hit a hard object. First while playing cards. Bench fell and my head hit the glass table. The glass cracked my head just a little wound. The second moment my head slammed into the wooden table by the evil teacher. The third moment was a fight and beaten with bamboo. Fortunately, my head has been frequently hit by hard objects so now when beaten up five times so it's okay," I said.

Oh I see," She said.

"If I'm honest. This is all thanks to the help of the Lord Jesus. Earlier after a pickpocket gang boarded the bus, I had prayed for help protected by Him," I said again.

Doors open. My friends came to visit.

"Richard. Don't be afraid. We will take revenge on the gang of pickpockets," said Anton.

"You are crazy. I was sick like this, you've told revenge, " I said with a laugh.

"Richard. You look changed, Chard," said Edi.

" Yes. My head became bigger. Because of the bumps. Ha...7x," I said with a laugh.

"I thought you were going to die, Chard. That's why I came to see," said Rio.

"Relax Yo. I'm not going to die before you die first. By the way. How did you know I was in the hospital?" I asked.

"His speech is already on silly. In the vain talk," said Martha.

"Relax, Martha. If we all still jokes, should not be taken seriously," Edi explained to Martha.

"As usual, rumors quickly spread on campus," replied Anton.

"I know. I'm right, including top ten on campus. With this incident then I will be number one on campus," I said with pride.

Doors open. A nurse delivering food for me. 

After putting food and beverage to the table, she immediately delivers food to the next room.

"By the way, who's that girl, Chard? She's so beautiful," asked Anton to me.

Love story - Andy Williams with lyrics.

"Her name, Chard?" Rio joins asked.

"She was my helper. She who brought me to the hospital. Frankly speaking, I don't know her name," I said.

"My name is Angela Wijaya, call me Cing-Cing," said the girl.

"What? Kucing (Cat)? Ha...7x," I said with a laugh.

With exasperated Angel pinched my arm.

"Frankly, I'm jealous at you, Chard. How romantic you are," said Edi.

Suddenly a girl's voice shouting, "I don't want to eat!" Then we heard the sound of broken dishes.

A few seconds later the sound of people being hit. A few seconds later the sound of people running and screaming for help.

"What's going on?" asked Martha.

I said, "Don't worry. She was stressed due to being sick, don't be looked at."

They all came out to see what was going on.

Immediately, I got out of my bed and join them.

"You said don't look. Now you are here and want to see too," Anton said to me.

I saw many people gathered in front of her door each. They all wanted to see what was happening. I saw several security guards rushed to get there. They tried to calm her. They hold her hand, trying to bring it back into the room. But ..... look! The girl was rebellious and beat them. The security guards one by one falling to the floor and not get up again.

I saw several security guards come again. But they are all the same fate. Beaten by the girl to faint. The situation became chaotic. People on screaming in horror.

The girl walked over to our place. People who had gathered in front of the door immediately ran scared.

While walking, the girl pointed at me. She said, "Why do you say that I am stressed?"

The voice that came from the mouth of the girl is the voice of a man.

"Oh no. I'm not talking like that," I did not confess.

"I hear your voice," said the girl.

Martha said to me, "Chard, Run .... Chard." 
I said, "Don't be afraid. I'm a kung fu master."
Rio said, "Your Kung Fu will not be able to prevail against the devil."
Anton said, "You are not a kung fu master. If you are a kung fu master then you probably don't be here."

Martha, Anton, Rio and Edi immediately ran away from the girl.
Angel was also drawn by his father to run away from the girl.

The girl repeated her words with an 
angry voice, "Why do you say that I am stressed?"

Now only I alone was face to face with a girl who possessed it.

To be continued.

If you are Richard, then what will you do? Write in the comments.

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