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10 Countries with the Slowest Internet Connections in the World

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slow speed internet : Slow connection speed Internet Download Illustration

The growth of Internet users is now be regarded significantly faster. The growth of the internet connection network technology is for the tool, especially in certain countries. But it’s an annoying moment when we are in somewhere, can be a city or country with low internet speeds. However, it can’t be denied, not all countries in the world have fast internet speed. If there are countries with the fastest internet connection speed, then there are countries with a low-speed internet connection.

In the report of "The State of the Internet" by the famous internet provider, Akamai has drafted a list of countries with the highest percentage of slowest internet connection speed. To create this list, Akamai analyzed global data based on the location, where the largest percentage of an internet connection that is 256 kbps in 2011.

Here's a list of 10 countries with the slowest Internet connection in the world:
  1. Libya
52% People in Libya use the internet with the speed below 256 kbps. It is very severe to explore internet world. In fact, according to the report, to access one site itself, the internet users must be patient for a long time enough in order that the site can be enjoyed.
  1. Nepal
Nepal ranks second as a country with low internet speeds in the world. The internet speed is only 32 percent below the average speed of the internet world. However, there is a slight increase for the rate internet speed in Nepal amounting to 4% compared to 2013 year ago.
  1. Nigeria
Almost same as with Iran, the internet speed in Nigeria still at a point 31% of the average internet speed. Since officially get through this country till now, the internet speed of Nigeria is still far from the word “good.”
  1. Iran
Officially, the Internet was introduced in Iran since 1993 ago. However, from the early until now, the internet speed in Iran is not so encouraging. Calculated globally, Iranian internet speed is below 30% of average world’s internet speed. Although there has been an increase of 6%, but it’s not enough to keep Iran out of the list of 10 countries with slowest internet connection in the world.
  1. India
Although categorized as a country with the technology which already to be considered, but for the internet speed, India is still far from the developed countries in the world. Internet speeds in India are still below the 27% average internet speed. However, there was a good enough increase up to 5.6% compared to last year.
  1. Bolivia
Compared to last year, the average internet speed in the country has increased by 22%. However, if it is aligned with all countries in the world, then Bolivia is still in the list of 10 countries with low internet speeds.
  1. Syria
Syria was ranked 7th as a country with low internet speeds. Even the internet speeds in Syria are at a point below 19% of Internet speed globally. However, an increase of 10% compared to last year for the internet speed.
  1. Indonesia
The internet in Indonesia is officially considered exist since 1983. From the period of time long enough until 2014, an internet connection in Indonesia it is still fast less with other countries. Speed internet connection in Indonesia according to Akamai records only reaching 1.5 Mbps. However, it is quite good because it has gone up by 13% compared to last year.
  1. Kazakhstan
Officially, the Internet began to use in the country since 2001. Although it is said as slow but compared to last year an increase of 4.2 percent for the speed of the internet in Kazakhstan.
  1. Malaysia
As one of the developing countries in Southeast Asia, Malaysia ranked the 10th as a country with low internet speed. Internet speed in the country is only 3.2 Mbps. In the global list for its Internet connectivity, Malaysia was ranked 71 of the world. However, if compared to last year, there was an increase of 4 percent.

Well, that was the 10 countries with the slowest internet connection in the world. Each year they have got an increase for a better connection. 

'World's Slowest Internet', BBC report.

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