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10 Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Dresses

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The wedding is a special moment that is much awaited by each partner. No wonder if all the preparation carried carefully, including wedding dresses. Many famous celebrities are willing to spend a huge cost for the dress she wore on the day happy, holy vows. Some female celebrities materialize her dreams so look like a princess on her wedding day. They also deliberately designing a fancy gown encrusted with diamonds, pearls, etc.
Many celebrities are competing to show off their best dress at weddings. From a series of such expensive dress, Kim Kardashian ranks first.
  1. Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian's life is never out of the word luxury. One of the real proofs is Givenchy dress she wore when she got married to Kanye West. The price is estimated at US $ 2.1 million.
  1. Kate Middleton
One of the most expensive wedding dresses is Kate Middleton’s, cost $ 400,000. A design by Alexander McQuenn made from silk with some lace on each detail. This dress makes Kate Middleton look so graceful when coupled with Prince William.
  1. Catherine Zeta-Jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones was married to an actor, Michael Douglas in 2000. Catherine was wearing a dress beaded Christian Lacroix designs that cost approximately $ 140,000.
  1. Melania Knauss
A model Melania Knauss wore a Christian Dior’s dress works when married to the richest man Donald Trump in 2005. For the billionaire bride, her dress cost approximately $ 125,000.
  1. Princess Diana
Princess Diana married Prince Charles in 1981. The silk dress is rumored to cost $ 115,000. The couple divorced 16 years later and Princess Diana died in 1997 due to an accident in Paris, France.
  1. Victoria Beckham
Adam Victoria (Victoria Beckham) chose wedding dress studded with pearls. White dress with a weight of 27 kg contains around a million beautiful pearl that has been sewn into the dress. No wonder the price reached $ 100,000. First glance it may look simple, but this dress is very luxurious. Pearl sheen emitted when to walk up the aisle.
  1. Madonna
In 2000, Madonna wore a Stella McCartney dress made of silk when was married to Guy Ritchie. Estimated price for the dress was $ 80,000.
  1. Grace Kelly
Wearing a dress designed by Helen Rose, Grace Kelly looks beautiful when she married Prince Rainer III of Monaco. It is estimated that it costs approximately US $ 65,000.
  1. Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling’s marriage with her first husband, Charlie Shanian cost hundreds of millions of dollars. For the dress itself, she had to spend US $ 50,000.
  1. Heather Mills
Heather Mills looks very pretty wearing a dress by Beavis & Brown of London while was married to her ex-husband Paul McCartney. The price is US $ 40,000.

The question now is how much your wedding dress? Whether you buy or rent? Only you can answer.
The expensive wedding dress that can only be admired some time. True happiness is when you harmonious household to death. And will be happier if after death you can enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew {16:26} For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

10 Ridiculously Expensive Celebrity Weddings.


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