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How to Explain Menstrual Problems to Your Daughter

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Although there are many sources of information about menstruation, children may have various questions and needs that are not explained by such sources. If it’s explained, they may still undecided about how to resolve the emotions and feelings that caused the first menstrual experience. As a parent, you are obliged talking with your daughter's menstrual problems.
Even though the age of your daughter is still far below the age of menstruation, you still need to prepare by giving explanations gradually. Here are discussed and practical tips that help you explain how to tell the menstrual problem to your daughter.
  • Don’t be too rigid when discussing menstrual with your daughter. Perhaps she was horrified to see there are splashes of blood that suddenly out of her body and confused as to how to tell you. Persuade her to express feelings, and listen to all concerns.
  • Explain to her that the menstrual cycle is a normal and natural cycles experienced by each woman. When the pregnancy does not occur, their body will reject part of the uterus that is not fertilized. This process is called menstruation.
  • Explain her before got a menstrual, women have got a PMS syndrome (premenstrual syndrome). In this phase, they may experience mood swings, irritability, abdominal pain and changes in breast shape. Advise her not to panic when experiencing PMS, and suggest that she does some light exercise such as walking or jogging to distract confusion mood.
  • The girls have got a pain and stiffness in the abdomen and lower back while before menstrual. The pain is usually mild, and may disappear by itself. Provide always menstrual pain medication at home and give only if she said it was not able to hold her cramps anymore. Consult to your doctor as soon if her menstrual cramps didn’t disappear as well.
  • Tell her that the blood is out when she was having menstrual cycle equivalent to a few teaspoons of water, although it looks like a few liters. But if she replaces tampons or pads every hour continuously. You should discuss this with your doctor.
  • Tell your experience to trigger a discussion with your daughter. There are children which tend not to open with parents. If so, you need to take a more relaxed through a simple conversation.
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge of the workings of the reproductive organs and explain that menstrual is a natural process that occurs in females every month. Without this process, the children will not be born into the world. In addition, explain also that the nature of menstruation experienced by each person differently. Some are experiencing faster while others are slower.
Teach your daughter that already entered the puberty and before menstruation to be prepared handling menstruation. One way is to bring the pads in her bag. As for the boys, you can notify information about menstruation in order to make him able to respect her relatives or friends that do not follow a certain activity because the girls were menstruating.

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