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Top 5 Must Visit Places in Bedugul-Bali


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Indonesia is an island nation in Southeast Asia, which has places that are very beautiful. You have to see for yourself the beauty of the Bali island and the Raja Ampat islands. You will never regret it if you go sightseeing there.

Bali Island is the most famous tourist attractions in Indonesia. Bali Island is not only famous in Indonesia but throughout the world. Every year more than a million people visit Bali for various purposes. Most visitors are tourists who enjoy the beauty of Bali.

5 things you absolutely must do in Bali

Vacation to Bali Island is highly recommended if you visit the cool tourism object named Bedugul, whose beauty is very alluring. This place is known as the cold air, misty climate because of rain, dew dripping on the green leaves, as well as botanical gardens, Ulun Danu shrine and beautiful lakes around the areas such as Bratan, Tamblingan, and Buyan. There are many interesting objects in this place that become parts of the famous tourist spots in Bali.

Visit Bedugul Bali is very pleasant because of there are many popular and interesting objects for you to see. What are the place and the activities that tourists can do there?

Here's choice as a destination that we arrange your holiday guide.
  1. Ulun Danu. This is the very popular iconic temple related to Bali. Bedugul area becomes very famous for its beauty of the temple in the middle of Bratan Lake. This place is perfect for those who want to take pictures for pre-wedding, exotic photograph or even the choice of calm and romantic home-stay on honeymooning.

  1. Bratan Lake. It is still one area with Ulun Danu. But if you want to play around the lake such as water bikes, canoes, swimming or paragliding then its place is about 100 meters from the temple, on the right side. Here you can also taste delicious foods, the freshwater fish menu. This Lake includes being the most stable number of visitors in Bali. For those who want to take pictures with the best results are in the morning. Because the late morning moreover in the afternoon, this place becomes cloudy and even rain.

  1. Bali Botanical Gardens. More than 2000 plant species available in Eka Karya Botanic Garden in Bedugul. You can learn about the plants and take a recreation in a cool area along as far as the eye could see, the green color dominates. In an area 157.5 hectares, there is many activities you can do, such as strawberry picking tour, playing in tree-top (walk among the trees with the ropes) and take pictures of the stunning flowers.

Bali Botanical

  1. Buyan Lake. Very beautiful and natural conservation region which is the largest of three lakes in the Bedugul. One of the secret tourist spots in Bali, still keeps the fascinating of virgin forests are rarely visited by visitors. Among artists who are seeking an inspiration in the solitude really like the beauty of Buyan Lake. No wonder if we find a painter who is doodling on the canvas at the edge of Lake.
Buyan Lake, Singaraja, Bedugul, Places of Interest

  1. Tamblingan Lake. Many people said that this tourism object is the twin of Buyan because of it’s in line. There are eleven temples surrounding the lake derived from the word "tamba" and "elingang" in general means a panacea. Due to the water of the lake Tamblingan reputedly been used to cure a plague spreading in the local village. The lake is still included the Lesung Bali mountain bordering Bedugul area.
Tamblingan Lake


After reading this article and see the natural beauty of Bedugul-Bali, if you are interested in visiting there? Which one is your favorite? Write your favorite in the comments. Please let the readers know. 

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