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Top 10 Awesome First Date Ideas for Women

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The first date is an early stage for a man and woman got to know each other more closely. Sometimes the first date can be lovely for men and women for later on they are in love make a relationship.
However, the first date often makes many couples are confused. They don’t know what to do on a first date. Because of the first date are the most stressful moments. Hearts were excited thinking about how the impression is going to happen when the first date they occur. As a woman, Ladies also need to share first date ideas with him. Well, here are top 10 awesome first date ideas for women.
  1. Take a walk around the city.
While walking around the city with him, it will give its own different sensation than usual. You can see the city from another perspective and finding unique places that you've never visited before. Moreover, you must not be afraid of running out the talks because you and he can discuss the buildings and things that happen in the city.
  1. Go coffee shop
Go drink coffee could be an alternative choice for a simple and sweet first date. In the first 30 minutes, most people usually can feel whether there is chemistry between of you or not. Besides, having a first date by going drinking coffee will not make you dizzy in thinking of cost such an expensive bill when dining at a restaurant.
  1. Brunch on weekends
Meet in the midmorning can give you and him a long time to have deep chats and get to know each other. Besides, if the first date is not going well, you can be reasoned to go home early to do other business. So, invite him to go to a restaurant or café for brunch together.
  1. A picnic.
Enjoy the sights outside with him, making your own lunch for him and heading to the park for having a sweet picnic. It is casual and great times for eyes contact with air fresh of the park and without being disturbed by a waiter or having a fun chit-chat when enjoying the meal.
  1. Cooking together
What is his favorite food? Ask him! Then you have to try searching for recipes on the internet or cookbooks, and invite him to the supermarket to buy the ingredients. Take it home, and start cooking. If he asks for Italian cuisine, don’t worry about how to make it, you’ve got a recipe. The result may not good enough, especially the taste, but the cooking process is guaranteed to be more exciting.
  1. Play game
If your date likes playing games, make a tournament game between you and him. Guitar Hero, Dance Revolution or any games on the X-box. You can also go to the game center. Before the game begins, don’t forget to define what the gift will get the winner, and what penalties should be done by the loser.
  1. Photo Hunting
If you guys love photography, photo hunting would have become a routine activity. This time, try to do something else. Each of you brings a camera and explores the city while each couple taking photos. You shoot him, and he does. It’s not about sweet or romantic photos. It’s about your mission in making as many as funny, unique, and silly photos that involve the interesting things you discovered along the walk around the city. Meet a sissy singer at crossroads? Don’t forget to take a photo together.
  1. Go to secondhand bookstore
Does He like reading? Invite him to a secondhand bookstore and each bought a book and then exchange your books with your dates to be read within 2 weeks for retold. This could be a reason to invite him to the next date, right?
  1. Visiting art gallery.
The conversation will be more connected when you and he discuss and comment on the artwork. Therefore, the first date by visiting an art gallery could be an alternative option to build chemistry between you and him. If a date in the art gallery goes well, you can invite him for go to the gallery cafe.
  1. Be active
The first date by bowling, ice skating, mini-golf or picking strawberries. You will do something together, having a good time, and you both may discuss another plan to try something different on next date.

Have got an idea for a first date? We wish you successful on your first date, Ladies.

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