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25 Ways Students Can Make Big Money Quickly

I want to live on earth as in heaven. I know you want to live on earth as in heaven too. Together we want to live on earth as in heaven.

If all human beings want to live on earth as in heaven, then evil will wane quickly. And that's when peace comes down to earth.

Matthew {6:10} Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as [it is] in heaven.

I am happy. You are happy. All humans will be happy. :)

The last few years many students who work part-time in the summer holidays. They work to earn money and/or look for a variety of work experience. Experience working during the summer holidays will be their portfolio when applying for a full-time job in the future. In addition to working internships, many students earn money by doing a variety of other jobs. There is so much money there to be made!

7 Strategies for earning an impressive income without a college degree.

5 Ways To Make Money This Summer! ☼ On The Internet

Well, this is the time to change the mindset of your parents. Tell your desires, gently to your parents and convince them that you really can afford to make money or start your business. Show the ability in front of them to trust. Doesn’t let your business disrupt your formal education programs.

The 10 easiest ways to make money online

20 Self-Made Teenage Millionaires 

Here's a list of business ideas that you can use to make money:
    1. Become a Writer
How to become a freelance writer. If you love to write and feel the passion for writing, then you could be a writer. You can become a freelance writer. And as a freelance writer, then you can write articles, books/eBooks, essays, movies/book reviews, writing novels, etc. And maybe this is your first step to becoming a famous writer like Joanne Kathleen Rowling (J.K Rowling), Seth Godin, John Grisham, Agatha Christie, Hans Christian Andersen, etc.

It's actually very easy for you to earn money from writing. You write the articles. You make the 10 list or more of things you know, and then you send it to Listverse. To get further information here. The question now is why you should send your article to Listverse? The answer is because of the requirements demanded by Listverse very easy, and the pay was good.

You can start your career as a freelance writer to write an article for Listverse. If Listverse does not want to publish your article, do not despair. Try again and again, until your article published in Listverse. If you successfully publish your article in Listverse then make it as one of your portfolios as a freelance writer.

Before you send your articles then it is good to read and study the articles below.

Of course, you can become a contributor or a Guest Poster on various other websites. But the authors recommend trying Listverse first. Because Listverse never asks clips of your articles as requested by other websites. :)

Besides Listverse, The Penny Hoarder also did not ask clips if you write to them. Just like Listverse, The Penny Hoarder also gave $100, if your article is published on the Penny Hoarder website.

Want a Freelance Writing Job? Get Paid to Write for The Penny Hoarder.

    One advantage of the Penny Hoarder compared with Listverse is the payment system. You will receive extra money if you can get more readers.

    Here’s the breakdown:
When your post hits 50,000 pageviews, you earn $100.
When your post hits 100,000 pageviews, you earn another $200.
When your post hits 250,000 pageviews, you earn an additional $500.
The total possible bonus on each post is $800.
If you want to get paid better, then you should try writing for The Sun. You can submit your article here. The Sun pay you from $300 to $2,000 for essays and interviews, $300 to $1,500 for fiction, and $100 to $200 for poetry. Very big money, isn't it? :)
I hope someday my article published by The Sun so I get a lot of money. Ha ... 7x
    2. Become a Blogger
    How to Blog: Blogging Tips for Beginners. Your talent for writing can also make you a blogger. You write articles that make people interested to read your articles. Then, tell friends and family about your articles. Then ask them to comment on your articles and distribute your articles to their friends and family. If you have many friends and your friends also have many friends then your articles will go viral quickly.

If a lot of people come to visit your blog then you have to write new articles so that they stay loyal to your blog. If you have thousands of visitors each day so you can make places for ad space. Then you can offer the advertising ads so that you can earn money from blogging.
You can also register your blog to advertising companies such as Google Adsense, Chitika, Clicksor, adfly, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Sitescout (formerly AdBrite), Infolinks, BIDVertiser, Text-link-ads, Propellerads, etc. You just give the place where the advertising company can put advertisements on your website/blog. But you must have tons of visitors every day who read the articles on your website/blog, then they want to work with you.

In addition to the advertising, you can also earn money through affiliate marketing (affiliate-program amazon, ClickBank), reviewing products, sell your books/eBooks, write tutorials or guides, and became a Consultant.

Many successful bloggers are earning six or seven figures annually.

Here's a list of successful bloggers:
a. Jamie Frater owner of Listverse.
b. John Chow owner of http://johnchow.com.
c. Pat Flynn owner of SmartPassiveIncome.
    d. Johnny Ward owner of OneStep4Ward.com.
e. Arianna Huffington owner of The Huffington Post.
f. Kyle Taylor owner of The Penny Hoarder.
g. Michael Arrington owner of Techcrunch.
h. Jon Morrow owner of boost blog traffic.
i. Pete Cashmore owner of Mashable.
j. Warren Rowse owner of Problogger.
k. Brian Clark owner of Copyblogger.
    l. Neil Patel owner of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, and Hello Bar.
    3. Become a Freelancer
    Being a freelancer means that you work part-time. So you are not bound by time 9 to 5 work hours. This is one of the best jobs for Students.

Here's a list of websites that use part-time workers:
a. There are thousands of job opportunities every day here: Freelancer.com, Upwork.com (formerly oDesk), Guru.com, Elance.com (In 2015 Upwork.com has acquired Elance.com).
c. Get paid to search online via Qmee.
d. Get paid to watch video through Maximiles, Gift Hunter Club, Gift Hulk.

e. Get paid to read adverts on your smartphone via Qustodian.

f. Get paid to read ads: Hits4pay.com.

g. Get paid to click ads: NeoBux, ClickSense, Traffic Monsson, paidverts.
h. Get paid to write product reviews: Dooyoo.

i. Get paid to write music reviews: Slicethepie.

j. Earn money with micro jobs: Clickworker, Field Agent, Amazon's Mechanical Turk.
k. Get paid to write via Textbroker.

    3 Freelance Economy Success Stories.

Meet Another $100,000 Freelancer On Elance.

The 9 Best Survey Sites to Make Extra Money.

    4. Become an Entrepreneur
Is actually not hard to become an entrepreneur. Many of the children who started the business and they managed to become successful entrepreneurs. One recipe for starting a successful business is making your hobby as a business.

Here's a list of children who become successful entrepreneurs.
a. Leanna Archer with her great-grandmother's secret recipe making and selling hair pomade to his family and neighbors. At that time, she was 9 years old. See her products here.
b. Robert Nay, a 14-year-old create the mobile game app called "Bubble Ball." Bubble Ball even beat the fame game “Angry Bird.”
c. 6-year-old Lizzie Marie Likness sell “Healthy Cooking.” If you want to know the recipes then see here.
d. Etc.

What You Can Learn From 8 Kids Already Making a Million Dollars. If you start a business from an early age, in the future it will be easier to get other ideas that could be used to run your business.

4 Reasons WHY Your Kids Need to Learn Entrepreneurship (Even if They’ll ‘Have a Job’).

5. Become Private Teacher
You can try to offer giving extra lessons to students of primary or junior. For other subjects that could be taught and there is a variety such as math, physics and foreign language which are usually the most difficult lessons according to many students. Offer your services become a private tutor to the parents of primary or junior, started from the nearest neighbor first.

6. Become a Translator
A business that is highly suitable for anyone who comprehends the language, whether it is English, Japanese language, the Dutch language, Mandarin and other languages. Many students have started this side business because the business only needs language skills itself.

7. Become an Editor/Proofreader
If you like to read, thorough and proficient in the language, then you can become an editor/proofreader. Your task is to improve the writing of articles, books/ebooks, press releases, free from errors of punctuation, grammar, spelling, and capitalization.
    8. Become a Nanny
    This work is more suitable carried out by a woman. For a job as a nanny, just keeping or caring for a child or several children who were left alone by their parents. Because if not accompanied by a nanny, the child will feel lonely or afraid to be alone in the house. But it does not mean that this work can not be done by a man.
    This is a part-time job because you only work until their parents return home. But if you advertise it will be a lot of people are looking for you to keep their children when they have to go.

    9. Become a Pet Sitter
    There are so many people who have pets at home but don’t have time to invite playing or feeding the animals. Whereas if the animal is not maintained, of course, they would get sick and even die. Then you can become a pet sitter. Your task is very simple. You just feed the pets, washing clean the body and invite to play. Moreover, you love pets, of course, is a very fun job. Besides, you can earn money on the job. Try to remember any of your friends or neighbors who have pets, then began to offer this service from now on.

    10. Become a Gardener
    If you like to plant and care for trees and flowers then you match this job. Many people who have the flowers and garden but did not have enough time to take care of it. So that's when you help take care of it and they would give the money to your services.

11. Become an Entertainer
Being an entertainer means you must master one or more of these skills. You can sing, play music or do stand-up comedy. You can also be a clown for children birthday party. If you could be famous then you will get a thousand to tens of thousands $ every month. If you managed to become an entertainer on TV then you can get tens of thousands to millions of $ every month.

12. Become a Programmer
    Programmer divided into the computer programmer, game programmer, developer, coder, or software engineer. To become a programmer, you must learn the language program. Here are some of the well-known programming language, COBOL, Fortran, Java, C#, VB, PHP, etc.

Many students who are studying to become programmers. They can create their own program. They create programs of websites, templates or games. If they can sell one or several of their programs so they will get a lot of money.

If you are a games programmer, then you can give your game for free as practiced by Rovio Entertainment with a game called Angry Birds. This game has been downloaded more than 1 billion times. They earn money from ads placed in gaming applications.

Adam Hildreth set up the startup Dubit Limited at the age of 14 years old. If you’re interested in kids digital entertainment, and you can make a good game for children, then you can join as their programmers. Besides Dubit Limited Adam also founded Crisp Thinking, the company which protects brands from risks such as social media activist attacks and develops online child protection technology. Therefore do not be surprised if the wealth of Adam estimated net worth of £ 24 million ($40 million) in 2015, according to Sunday Times Rich List.

Video Game Programmer Salary for 2015.

13. Become a Fashion Designer
If you like the fashion and follow the development of the fashion world then you can try to become a fashion designer. You can look for inspiration from fashion magazines and then you try to design your own fashion style. Makes a nice and unique design. After that, you are wearing clothes the results of your own design. See how the reaction of your family and your friends. If they like your design, then you start offering your fashion design to your family and friends. If they are interested in buying then you can get the money and start your fashion business.

If you are lucky then you can become famous like Donatella Versace, Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, Pierre Cardin, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, etc.

14. Become a Graphic Designer
Many students have good skills in operating software such as Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW to make a graphic design. Lots of people need graphic design services, especially those who like the design or art. You can become a freelancer to solve their problems. Show your design talent and offer design services to them. Suppose that the task of graphic design from friends, t-shirt design services, photo editing services and other design services.

Here's a list of websites that give job board for programmers and graphic designers:

Christian Owens founded the design company at the age of 14 years old and at age 16, he got his first one million with Mac Bundle Box, a software promotion company which offers a bundle of Mac OS X applications at cut-rate prices but for a limited amount of time.

15. Become a Jewelry Designer
If you like the world of fashion and like the design, try to become a designer especially jewelry design. As an extra point and distinguish you from the other stores, try to offer customized designs to your customers. Find out what they like and design what they want. Then create a new design that describes the customer desires. In the manufacture of jewelry, try to cooperate with local shops or jeweler in your town. If already have enough money, then develop the business by renting space and equipped with an adequate equipment.

16. Become a Painter
If you like to paint and feel have the talent to paint, then it is good to start a career as a painter.

You can create a website or blog and sell your paintings there.

You can also offer your paintings for sale via the websites below:

If you are well-known as a painter of the world then your works will enter the auction house Christie's. And you can sell your painting for hundreds of millions of $ there. Top 5 most expensive paintings ever sold in history.

17. Become a Photographer
These businesses are usually associated with the hobby. Of course, if your hobby could become a business then it would be very nice, isn’t it? An example of the hobby that can earn money is photography. Many people want to get the best photo is then stored on the laptop or published on their social media accounts. Of course, the business for these students has a great potential if done well and has good management.

You can shoot anything, from your family, your dog, your friends, when you climb a mountain, go to the beach, and others. Your photos can sell through your website/blog or another website.

You can also offer your photos for sale via the websites below:

They sell the photos to writers/journalists/media/magazines/newspapers which need photos as an illustration of their writing.

If you do not know how to sell your photos then read this guide. Make Money from Your Photos: A Beginner’s Guide to Selling Stock Photography.

18. Creating Video Clips
    Make one or several videos. Make the video a unique, interesting and nice that people want to watch. Then upload the video to YouTube. Create an attractive headline so that people feel curious to watch. Then promote these videos to all people around the world. If hundreds of thousands or millions of people watching the video you will advertise Google Adsense. After that, you will get big money.

Here's a list of people who are successful in YouTube:
    a. PSY – Gangnam Style. This video got more than 2.4 billion views.
    b. Taylor Swift – Blank Space. This video got more than 1.3 billion views.
    c. Justin Bieber – Baby. This video got more than 1.2 billion views.
d. Katy Perry – Roar. This video got more than 1.1 billion views.
e. Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass. This video got more than 1.1 billion views.

Here's a list of kids who are successful in YouTube:
a. Evan – EvanTubeHD.
b. Mya Full-Time Kid.
c. Yebin Baby Yebin.
d. James HashimotoAction Movie Kid.

19. Gift Wrapping Services
Everyone certainly has a birthday. At birthdays, generally, family and closest friends will give a congratulatory gift on the birthday. A good chance for you to try to create a gift wrap service business which unique and different from the others. This effort is relatively easy. Simply buy some wrapping paper as well as having a unique quality, and several scissors and decorations for the gifts. Then, offer these services through the school wall magazines or your classmates. The more unique your gift wrapping creations, certainly more and more people interested in.

20. Sell the Secondhand Stuff
The next sideline business for students is selling second-hand goods. The goods you sell are goods used but still in good condition. An example is a laptop, a smartphone, etc. In fact, this item could be the worthy goods if we marketed to people who really need it. You wholesale goods at flea markets then you resell to your friends in the school/college.

    21. Online Shop
    This is the business that is most preferred by teenagers. How to start this business is very easy. Doesn’t necessarily need anything capital, just a phone, and an internet connection. After that, you can open your business. You have to find another way or a special product that interested customers to visit your online shop and shopping at your place.

22. Culinary Business
For you in particular who have a hobby of cooking, you can use cooking skills for a culinary business. Can be started by selling in the school canteen, just a simple menu that is not too takes up much of your time in making it. Such as drinks business, snacks, and the others.

23. Being a Virtual Assistant or marketing services in Social Media
Many entrepreneurs who have accounts on various social media. They do not have time to take care of their accounts. If they hire an employee to take care of their accounts that are very expensive. So they are looking for a virtual assistant to manage their accounts in various social media. This is an opportunity for you to work part-time. Offer your services to small-scale businesses to become the operator on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account.

Through the social media, you can also run marketing services. Of course, you must be an expert in marketing, then you can run this business. So you must read and learn the guide marketing plan and marketing strategy.

24. DIY souvenirs
If you do not spend a lot of time hanging out or lazing in bed then you have a lot of spare time. You can use it to make souvenirs like Do It Yourself (DIY).

To start this business then, you have to learn to make souvenirs. You can look for inspiration from newspapers, magazines or the Internet. Begin to offer a lot of souvenirs to friends, family or relatives who are making birthday parties or other family events.

25. Internship Jobs
Many companies that offer internships to Students. They do so to save costs because companies do not have to pay for the work internship or pay below the minimum wage. If you want to work as an apprentice, the authors suggest that taking internships at companies that want to pay apprentices. Because you work for a company, the companies should pay you.

Here's a list of websites that tell the work of the internship:
d. http://talentegg.ca/find-a-job. Jobs for Canadian students and new graduates.
h. https://jobs.theguardian.com/jobs/internship. Jobs in The Guardian (media in the UK).

Look for internships in your city. Then send your cover letter and resume to them. If they refuse then send it to other companies. Try and try again, until you get a job.

Besides the 25 largest business ideas above, of course, there are many other business ideas. All of this depends on what talents and skills you have.

Work From Home: 6 Companies That Hire Remote Workers.

Of course, you also have to learn to share your time for work and tasks of school/college.


Based on the various information described above, we can conclude as follows:
1. You must be good to divide your time between learning at school/college and earning money.
2. The younger you start looking for money, then you will be more successful in the future.
3. If you fail, then do not give up. Learn more and develop your skills. Try and try again, until you get it.
4. Looking for real money is easy, as long as you are willing to work hard and use the best of your ability.
5. Your hobby can become your business.
6. Social media allow us to seek and get employment and/or create a business.
    7. Prayer and work (ora et labora). Do not worry. Believe with all your heart. “Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God [is] with thee whithersoever thou goest (Joshua 1:9).”
Remember this! 25 Ideas above can actually be used by everyone, not limited only to Students.

If you can make money yourself, then you do not need to ask for money from your parents. So what are you waiting for? Start making money today! And make your parents proud of you. :)

How to Make Money As a Kid/Teen!

How To Make Money FAST as a Teenager!

Children: New billionaires - BBC News

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Thank you.



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