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6 Best Pets for Children

I want to live on earth as in heaven. I know you want to live on earth as in heaven too. Together we want to live on earth as in heaven.

If all human beings want to live on earth as in heaven, then evil will wane quickly. And that's when peace comes down to earth.

Matthew {6:10} Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as [it is] in heaven.

I am happy. You are happy. All humans will be happy. :)

Keeping animals in the family is very positive, especially for kids. Keeping animals can teach children how to be responsible and care for others and the environment. Having a good bond with a pet is able to foster a sense of love and joy in the midst of the family, not just for kids.
In choosing a pet for a child, a lot of things to be considered, for example, the condition of the house, the type of animal, the time availability in taking care of a pet, until the child's health condition (in this case are allergic to certain animals). The following list of 6 best pets for kids:

1.      1. Dog
Have a dog for a kid it would feel like having its own best friend because they can take care of each other, and increase the confidence of a child. The dog quickly understands when the owner was sad and lonely. Children can also learn to be more understand of other people's feelings if they have a dog from an early age. Although the dog is a friendly animal, but when being distracted or not treated well, the dog will be aggressive and even bite. Notice how kids hugging and touching the dog because it could be considered a threat by dogs.

West Highland Terrier Stock Photo

2.      2. Guinea Pig (marmot)
Guinea Pig could be the best friend for your child. Guinea pig included a friendly and creamy pet. A guinea pig can train the sense of responsibility of kids toward pets because guinea pigs are very patient animals and never bite. Guinea pig also really like being held. For an overactive kid, a guinea pig is a right choice because the kids can learn to be patient and loving of a pet.

Guinea Pig Stock Photo

3.      3. Turtle
This reptile is suitable for children because turtles not cause allergies but not all kinds of turtles good as pets. For children, you should choose small-sized turtles like the green turtle or red-eared slider. This short-legged reptile has a very long lifespan. Turtle also symbolize the persistence and tenacity.

Turtle Stock Photo
4.   4. Cat
The cat is calm, spoiled, and very adorable pet. Cats require less attention than the dogs. Cats are also accustomed to doing their own activities. But these animals are not suitable maintained by toddlers because the cat classified as the active and agile pet. These animals need to be held and treated gently. Toddlers tend to feel emotional while squeezing or hitting that pet. Choose a type of Persian cat, relatively tame and easy to obey.

Cat Stock Photo

5.      5. Hamster or Mice
Hamster is a perfect pet for the child. Hamsters are very entertaining, not time-consuming, cost, and easily adapt to any environment. Children can learn a lot from these little creatures. Such as adaptability, commitment and a relaxed attitude possessed by mice can be learned by your child.

Hamster Stock Photo

6.      6. Cockatoo Bird
The bird is a suitable pet for families even for toddlers. One of the best birds for the child is a cockatoo. Although a bit expensive, cockatoo could be a very good pet for children. Cockatoos are calm, friendly and fun animals. Children can learn to take care of pets by caring for a cockatoo. Maturity, attention and has fast movement is the characteristics of cockatoo.

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo Stock Photo

These are the 6 best pets for children. However, you as a parent must keep pay attention to the movements of children in caring for pets. Don’t let the animals feel uncomfortable or hurt. And don’t forget the health care both the pets and the children.

Top 10 Best Pets for Kids

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