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Tips How to Buy The Right Laptop For Gaming

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When a gamer playing games on a PC or laptop, for sure he wants to play the game in the best performance. It requires a PC or a good gaming laptop. The device will impact directly or indirectly on the end result in the game. Compared to PCs, gaming laptops have several advantages in portability so many people choose a laptop for gaming.
Various types of the laptop were produced for the last few years. And now many gaming laptops available in the market. To get a gaming laptop with the best performance, we all need to be extra careful. Gather as much information as possible about the laptop craving and do not rush to buy.
Laptop for gaming with the best performance had some minimum specifications. Here are tips that must be considered before buying a good gaming laptop.
Tips How to Buy The Right Laptop For Gaming:
1. Processor
Select Intel processors for your gaming laptop, because the processor performance is very good and no heat fast. Now Intel Core i7 is the best processor on the market. If you have limited funds at least use the Core i5, but the main priority remains the Core i7.
2. RAM (random access memory)
Choose a gaming laptop with maximum RAM that you can afford. A gaming laptop with 8GB of RAM is sufficient for now. If forced, at least use 4GB of RAM, and you can upgrade it later if necessary. If less than 4GB of RAM is better not to buy first.
3. Graphics Cards
Choosing the graphics card must also be careful. Because if the graphic card is bad, then your laptop will not be able to run the game maximally. Popular graphics cards such as NVIDIA and AMD is pretty good, although the naming series much confusing the consumers, graphics card price is quite cheap and performance is also good.
4. Hard Drive
Choose a gaming laptop with a large hard drive capacity. The reason is because we can’t put an additional hard drive on a laptop and because a game always takes a large space in portions. Rather than buy more an external hard disk due to lack of space, it is better to use a large internal hard disk as well.
5. Screen
The ideal screen for gaming is always a contradiction between the screen sizes with portability. The Large screen definitely more comfortable and enjoyable to play, however, a large screen will make the size of the laptop is also bigger, weighs even heavier, and more wasteful battery power. Screen with a resolution of 1080 pixels is sufficient.
6. Battery life
Gaming laptop requires a great power to run games at high resolutions and maximum settings of. That's why gaming laptop battery quickly depleted. If used gaming, the laptop battery can last about 2 hours. In normal operation (no gaming), the battery can last 3 to 6 hours.
7. Keyboard
The keyboard is one of the most important things of a gaming laptop. Laptop with a good quality mechanical keyboard will improve your game.
8. The audio quality
Gaming laptop usually has better audio or speaker quality and more impressive than the regular laptop speakers. Some are even equipped with a tweeter and a subwoofer. However, for convenience and a better gaming experience, using a headset is much preferred.
If you have extra budget, consider a laptop with an SSD (solid state drive) hard drive, because SSD performance is faster. And if you use Windows then use the original Windows 64 bit.

Those are tips to consider before choosing and buying a right gaming laptop. You will feel a great gaming experience more comfortable.

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