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5 Benefits of Paleo Diet for Health

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Paleo diet has become one of the diet methods are quite popular, especially for losing weight. Inspired by the way of ancient humans ate in prehistoric times. This diet recommended in increasing the consumption of animal protein and limiting the intake of carbohydrates.
This diet method emphasizes on the intake of food was always eaten human ancestors such as fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, and nuts. Consumption of processed food factory, fast and frozen foods as well as the packaging is not the essence of the Paleo diet.

The Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet.
Paleo diet is claimed to provide many benefits either for the reduction in overweight and maintaining overall health. Healthy food and based on the processing of raw materials assessed can provide maximum nutrients while getting into the body.
paleo : vector illustration of a cave man explains paleo diet using a food pyramid drawn on stone
These are some other benefits gained from Paleo diet described Jennipher Walters, a fitness trainer who is also a health practitioner, and founder of Fit Bottomed Girls website:
  1. Encouraging Clean Eating Habits
In ancient times, ancient humans consume all organic and natural foods. Without preservatives, flavorings, sweeteners and other additives like available on frozen food, canned or processed foods of other factories. Paleo diet will make you get used to eating healthy and clean so that the health of the body was intact.
  1. Reduces Puffy and Flatulent
Paleo diet claimed to reduce the buildup of fluid that makes the body looked puffy and distended belly. Therefore, the diet focused on increasing the consumption of fiber, drink lots of water and avoid salt intake.
  1. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals
Paleo Diet also recommended increasing to eat vegetables and fruit. Beside high protein, meal-planning in this diet have to consume many of fruits and vegetables so that the adequacy of minerals and vitamins are fulfilled every day.
  1. Healthy fats
The consumption of omega-3 of fishes and nuts are strongly recommended in this diet. Fish and nuts are high-protein foods that also contain healthy fats. As we know, the healthy fats in sufficient quantities also needed to maintain the body's organ functions. Moreover, as quoted by ABC Australia, essential fatty acids such as omega-3 can prevent heart disease, reduce fat levels in the blood, both for diabetes, relieved arthritis to help cure of asthma.
  1. Full longer
Why the Paleo diet touted effective for weight loss? Because it emphasizes the high protein consumption, then the stomach will feel full longer. Proteins tend to belong to digest by the body and could provide energy for a long time. Coupled with a combination of vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber, you do not easily feel hungry and the stomach full longer as well.
That's 5 benefits of Paleo Diet for health. This diet is actually quite simple and does not impose us in a weight loss program. Weight lose, the body was healthy.

Paleo Diet -- EXPLAINED

Does Science Back Up the Paleo Diet?

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  1. The Paleo diet is often considered a healthy way to prevent chronic illness, increase energy and lose weight. If you include this diet devotee or want to try it, first know the facts about the diet that puts more fresh food.


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