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7 Celebrities in the World Who are Also Successful Entrepreneurs

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Normally celebrities become rich only by relying on its popularity. One day if they are not famous anymore, wealth also slowly drained away. Make no mistakes there are many celebrities who not only rely on fame but also attempt to seek their fortune in the business field. Not only good at acting collided on the camera, some top celebrities were also shrewd negotiating with investors.
Having a famous name was able to ease the celebrities in running the business. Not surprisingly, a number of celebrities successfully listed their name as a successful entrepreneur even success in getting much income up to billions of dollars from the business.

Here are 7 celebrities in the world who are also successful entrepreneurs as quoted from The Richest:
  1. Jessica Alba
Alba is an expert of homemade products. In 2012, she launched a homemade products company called The Honest Company. The factory creates 100% organic non-toxic refined products. Honest Company gives her the profits of up to US $ 50 million. Although the income is private, the fact is that some investors put great interest in the business. Alba also set up a company with LegalZoom and Shoedazzle.

Jessica Alba pics #2

  1. Gwen Stefani
Everyone was familiar with Gwen as a reliable songwriter and singer. But she then turned to the business world of fashion. She sells various clothing, jewelry, shoes, and bags. The clothing design reaps the greatest success and her business gave a profit of up to US $ 90 million per year.

  1. Jessica Simpson
She established the business of shoes, bags, and perfumes. She also starred in several movies before ended on her business empire. In 2004, the business keeps growing and its products dominate the market from the high heels until the expensive bags. Even the sales of its products ever sold out up to 1 million items.

Simpson holding a microphone while singing

  1. Robert De Niro
This man was the owner of the Nobu hotel. He joined with several investors to set up the Nobu. De Niro was recorded as one of the founders of Nobu and became director of the business. At this time, there are 25 restaurants spread all over the world. De Niro also invests in real estate in New York since 1989. He also founded Tribeca Productions film studio and the Tribeca Film Festival.

Robert De Niro TFF 2011 Shankbone.JPG

  1. Jay-Z
The most successful hip-hop artists in the world also succeeded as an entrepreneur. The wealth of his business predicted to reach US $ 500 million. He even sold more than 75 million albums and held 17 Grammy Awards. He invested in the 40/40 Club, the clothing company, Rocawear, Def Jam Recordings, Roca-A-Fella Records and Roc Nation. He has a certified sports agency called Roc Nation Sports.

Jay-Z @ Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter Foundation Carnival (crop 2).jpg

6. Oprah Winfrey
Oprah now earns a profit about the US $ 70 million per year from each business. She has TV network OWN, The Angel Network kept growing. He also reportedly launched a talk show Tyler Perry in a new network. Most of its profits come from The Oprah Winfrey Show that lasts for 25 years. She also profited from her private company.

Oprah in 2014.jpg

  1. Paul Newman
Though Newman had died, but he left a huge financial business. Newman first launched Newman's Own in 1982 and success. Paul then opened homemade salads and a bottle of wine ready for use businesses. He also sells various kinds of pizza and has a profitable company.

Well, it turns many celebrities expanded into the business world. Yet, the income as a celebrity is very fantastic. Are you interested in business such the celebrities mentioned? Hopefully, those 7 celebrities in the world who are also successful entrepreneurs can inspire you. 

Good luck!

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