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7 Important Tips When Buying New Laptop

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Everyone who will buy something must have longed for the goods they want to have good quality and in accordance with the financial condition and have the facilities for their needs. Many products on the market make us sometimes confused, what stuff could we get with the money we have, because if we are wrong to choose then regret we get after.
For those of you who intend to buy a new laptop, perhaps the following tips can be used as a reference to choose a laptop with the specifications of products according to the needs and certainly suit the finances.
7 Important Tips When Buying New Laptop:
1. The function of Laptop
Business / Productivity: If you are an executive, employee, or a student, your main purpose is to write and edit text, manipulate spreadsheets and creating presentations. So, you need a laptop with a good keyboard, durable design, and sharp screen.
Gamer: Try to buy a laptop with the latest processors such as Core i7 or could be lower than it is like the Core i5, i3 or AMD, and support with the graphics card, 2GB RAM upward, 2GB VGA upward and wide screen to be more comfortable when gaming.
Professional designers: you need a laptop with a powerful processor, powerful graphics, Solid State Drive (SSD) and a big-screen high-resolution (full HD or higher).
2. Budget
Money allocation or budget to purchase a laptop is very important. By preparing amounts of a fund, at first, that will you spend for the stuff, you can specify the model of the laptop be bought.
3. Size.
One of other considerations in buying a new laptop is its size. If you belong to the people who very often travel and must always carry a laptop device, we recommend you to buy a light laptop or with a portable size, but if you are someone who rarely carry a laptop everywhere, and more using a laptop in the office or at home, then you should buy a laptop with greater inch size.
4. Warranty and Service Center.
Very important, the warranty provided for the laptop to be bought, if you find a long warranty of laptop it is nice to be selected, besides that you also have to pay attention to the service center of its laptop, and the location of Service Center which easy to reach, thus simplifying the purchased laptop when there are problems or damage later in the day.
5. Notice The Capacity of Battery
If you buy a 15-inch laptop, choose a laptop with a battery life at least 4 hours. While those who are planning to travel frequently should always the laptop that offers a battery life of more than 6 hours standby or more.
6. Brands.
Many laptop brands in the marketplace makes us must be smart buyer in choosing the laptop brand we will buy, it is advisable to seek a lot of information or references about the laptop brands, because it will help to know more about the quality of the brand laptop before be purchased and you should choose well-known laptop brands that proven of the quality and reliability.
7. Operating system.
The operating system determines the convenience when you are using a laptop. Moreover, the speed of a laptop is also determined by the OS used. Adjust the specifications of the laptop with OS suggested.
That's some important tips when buying a laptop. From the above which is a comparison on the laptop itself, the other most important thing to consider is your budget for buying a new laptop.

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