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Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas for Newlywed

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Give a gift to the bride is very special, it’s not as same as giving gifts to friends, here I will review some tips to give gifts for the newlyweds. On the friends’ wedding day, certainly you want to give something memorable and useful for the new couple. But to find the wedding gifts is not an easy thing.

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As an inspiration, consider the following ten ideas wedding gifts:
  1. Shopping vouchers
Unique wedding gifts sometimes make us confused what would we give. Feels would give just some money and let the newlywed choose their own shopping as needed. But if the money eventually not gifts, but donate. Well, we change money for the wedding gift as shopping vouchers. Vouchers can be shopping in the supermarket, salon, an electronics store, or dinner at a restaurant.
  1. Kitchen equipment
Examples of wedding gifts after the wedding, the couple would usually busy in purchasing kitchenware. Well, if we've given them kitchenware, they would be greatly assisted. However, kitchenware is not cheap. But if there are funds and we want to help them, why not? We can provide kitchen equipment such as a stove, toaster, juicer, blender, etc.
  1. Book
A book is a good choice as a wedding gift for a close friend or a relative. If your friend can’t cook well, a cookbook could be interesting options. If your friends wasteful, give them the book of how to manage household finances. You can also buy the book how to get pregnant quickly.
  1. Couple watches
A wristwatch is highly worthy of being a wedding gift. The wristwatch is one complementary appearance. You can give a pair of watches as gifts.
  1. Couple clothes
In choosing a bridal gift such as clothing, a couple should check out first the character of the bride. Some people especially men, feel embarrassed in couple dressed. But there’s also some who likes to wear.
  1. Musical instrument
If either bride good at playing a musical instrument, you can give a musical instrument as a gift. Definitely, it gives a sense of romantic when played in front of the couple.
  1. Holiday package
Buy your friends a package holiday will certainly be the most memorable gift. Don’t have to such a complete and luxurious vacation package, just buy the couple an airline ticket or a hotel package also could be an option.
  1. Scrapbook
This prize can’t be bought anywhere. Create your own photo album works and a collection of photos with friends, the gifts can become highly special and meaningful for your friends.
  1. Bag
The bag is also an option for wedding gifts. As well as jewelry, gift bag also can still be given to the bride and groom. Or you can use your creativity to make a handmade bag with writings of love or marriage quotes.
  1. Perfume
A bottle of perfume will be a memorable gift for the bride. Give perfumes what your friends wanted or the most famous perfume brand. Occasionally you may sacrifice for the friends.

That’s all Top 10 wedding gift ideas for newlywed for your inspiration. 

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