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8 Largest Marketing Mistakes in Business

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The world today is already overcrowded with the competition. If you make a mistake, the competitor will quickly seize your business. Need to work extra hard to get back clients who have moved to the competitors. Hoping the competitors make mistakes are like joining the competition and hopefully the opponent will lose. You feel you've done marketing activities optimally, but the results have not been there, too? Maybe you are experiencing one of the 8 largest marketing mistakes in business.

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This is a list of the major mistakes that often experienced:
  1. Expecting the customer comes
The first mistake is wrong idea often owned by marketers in providing quality products and services so that customers will come by themselves. This will not happen unless your brand is already famous and have a loyal customer for a long time. Although your store is in a strategic location, interesting storefront, have spectacular quality products and services. But the customer will not come as long as you don’t do marketing.

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  1. Imitate marketing competitors idea
The second mistake that marketers often get stuck to follow the marketing strategies of competitors. The competitors launch marketing strategy then they are a great success so that you also do the same strategy. You should focus more on quality, not just price. Give the best quality for consumers, by providing their unfulfilled needs and desires. Do the differentiation, and give reasons for customers why they have to choose your products and services.
  1. Difficult to describe the products
The third mistake when big or small companies often find it very difficult to describe their products, especially if the product is a new group and new technologies. Their explanation is often convoluted that eventually became elusive. The greatest marketing success obtained with the effective explanation of what you have to offer.
  1. Arrogance
The fourth mistake is success often leads to arrogance, and arrogance will lead to failure. When people become successful, they tend to become less fair. When their success is increasing, they are getting arrogant and feel that they can do anything they want. Success brings trouble.
  1. Forget the target market
The fifth mistake is you believe that your products and services compatible with everyone. Thus, in marketing activities, you are not targeting to specific target markets. Focus on your main target market. Prepare a unique value proposition for each segment of the potential market, so that they also see that your products also give great value.
  1. Marketing is the cost
Management often views marketing as a cost than an investment. As a result, the company does not allocate sufficient resources to the field of marketing. Marketing is not an essential part of business strategy. Thus, as a result, of money coming into the company is also lacking.
  1. Price cut
Cheaper prices mean more customers, right? Wrong! Most customers are willing to buy things more expensive because of greater quality or to feel the comfortable of the product. Cutting prices is a dangerous strategy, which may affect to the employees’ pay cuts just to keep costs down.
  1. Less of research and testing
The last mistake is an inadequate research and testing before do marketing activities. Many companies have conducted various marketing strategies but the result is not in line with the expectations. Before executing the marketing activities, do some research and testing before. Find out what the customer wants and needs. Get feedback from your earlier customers. Whether the price, supply, packaging, promotion, and others.

That's the 8 largest marketing mistakes in business. If you ever do one of them as above, try to criticize yourself and fix your mistakes in order for better marketing strategy in doing business and get success faster. 

Learn from their experience.

Good luck!

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