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5 Popular Software for Graphic Design

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5 Gadgets Every Graphic Designer Needs

Graphic design is a form of visual communication using images to convey information or a message. In graphic design, text images are also considered as an abstraction of symbols that can be sounded. Currently available some software for graphic design, such as Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft PowerPoint. But apparently there are still some popular and qualified graphic design software. And the following is a list of the most popular software that is commonly used in the world of graphic design:
5 Popular Software for Graphic Design:
1. Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 is one of the Adobe products that help designers create their graphic design. This software is one of top choice of world graphic designers because of the features and looks simple but still with sufficient features. You have to pay $1,300 to get its pro version. It is no wonder if the users are the top class designers.
2. Xara Designer Pro 7
If you want cheaper software with good quality, you should try Xara Designer Pro 7. Many people argue the look of Xara Designer Pro 7 is more convenient and suitable for casual graphic design. The ability to design the layout, complete editing tools and does not require a lot of memories to run. Its pro version sells for $299.
3. Corel Draw
Software that is used by many graphic designs in a variety of needs. One needs that can fulfill is a need in the field of promotion. This software is suitable for making the design of brochures, posters, banners, and other designs. The result is a file with the extension cdr that you can also export to other formats, such as JPEG, bitmap, or PNG.
4. Adobe photoshop
Image processing software the most complete, modern and sophisticated. The software's ability to improve images and photos is not in doubt. One of the software that must be owned and dominated by the a graphic design. It is not easy to learn and utilize this software, but in the Internet media, there have been many tutorials that can be used as a guide. There is a tutorial for beginners to tutorials for those who have advanced levels.
5. Adobe Illustrator
Illustrator is a software that became the mainstay of Adobe. Therefore, some versions of this software have been released to improve the ability in graphic design. There are many tools designs available in this software. So we need be patience to learn the use of this software.
Well, from some of the contents of review articles on graphic design software which is suitable for beginners above, might help ease you in applying some of your creativity in the field of graphic design, hopefully, the article provides benefits and can be a good reference for you the design graphic users.

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